Sikandar Kher - "There were naysayers making comments because of the family I come from"

In an exclusive conversation with us, we asked him about his journey and how he managed to strike the balance of underplaying the character but not being inexpressive.

Sikandar Kher

From being a debutant with long tresses over fifteen years with the film Woodstock Villa and having the pressure of being Anupam Kher to carving his own path and now being more active than ever, it has been quite a journey for actor Sikander Kher.

The man, is currently a part of one of the most successful shows on the web, Aarya on Disney+ Hotstar, where he plays the role of Daulat. In an exclusive conversation with us, we asked him about his journey and how he managed to strike the balance of underplaying the character but not being inexpressive.

Q. 15 years in the industry now, The man who debuted with Woodstock Villa to now. How do you look back at the journey? And what do you say to yourself back then and today?

I mean, when I look back and talk about the naysayers - it was mainly because of the family I come from. Because of that, there was just unnecessary shock for, you know, something that would have just been like, shouldn't have been like that. They just come with an expectation. That's fine. It's very normal. Like, I mean, But the journey has been the journey, bro. And honestly, you know what? Everybody has their own path, man. And I realized that, luckily, I have a lot of gratitude to give to the universe because I was born lucky in a country that is so full of poverty. So there's gratitude and kindness. But talking about it further, and the things that come with it, that's a conversation that our family has; as we talk about it like that, It really helps, you know, in ways. Also, my mom is a very critical person. My father's a little more encouraging. But she's very straight and frank. She said you can act. But then there's also a time where you know, like, at that time, cinema, etc. You're doing it, you're trying whatever, it's okay, man. To make it, take a fistful of sand; two or three things will drop. That's what makes it. As long as I can be busy, it's great. There's so much work now; I get a chance to meet people, and I'm constantly learning. Yes. You know, simple.

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My mom is a very critical person. My father's a little more encouraging

Sikandar Kher

Q. Ram Madhvani, the director of Aarya, has consistently mentioned how Daulat is one of the best characters when it comes to writing. But it can be so easy to either overplay or underplay with no effect. You have managed to strike a balance How do you do that? 

So it was simple. Abhimanyu Ray is a casting writer. He said I want you to test for this thing called an idea. It's interesting. So when I met everybody, everyone who had met him, he called me for two or three ads. I was so bad at them. My God, I did like, I would like to change his office or something, you know what I mean? But, like, he still had that office. And then he's still like suddenly in his head, he felt that listen, Sikandar, I feel that there's this role that's come, it's called Daulat. Ram Madhwani is making it, can you come and read it? I said, absolutely. Ram Madhwani will hear, I'm going to come and read. He had a lot of conviction for me to play Daulat. So I tested, and he, you know, with casting people, it's the way they take the test, it's the way what they know also is their sensibilities as well. And despite all of that, sometimes it just might not fit with the look, you know, so never ever be like, like it's stressful, it's what it is, it's painful, it's heartbreaking. You're at it, and it's going to keep going on. But anyway, so I tested for Daulat, and then they showed it to Ram and Anita, and then he came back, he said, they also want you to test for one more character, I'm not going to take the name. 

So I tested for this other character, and then he said, okay, fine, I'll get back to you. So then I said, now I'll just let you know whenever I get back to you. Then I got a call from Ram and Anita saying, which sweets are you bringing from Rajasthan? So I said, which role? He said, Daulat. Then I said, now, can I have the script? Yeah, at that time and then I'll ask for the script. Now I've read the script, there was nothing personally to say. But today, when I look back, I think there would be no other character I would choose in this entire show because it's really given me a lot. And yeah, man, it just worked out well. So we had Vinod Rawat, who was one of the directors as well. So just be quiet, and as you rightfully said you can just be like... Or you have to just be like, I don't know, you got to find it. And then we figured out that there might be, like, he's probably like, we went into backstories during the workshop. Why is he so loyal to Zoravar? Like maybe he helped him out and helped his mother. That's why he owes it. Like in my head, I came up with that. That's why he would have gone and killed. But then you see the morality. It gives up Zoravar. I mean, it was superb. So, I was studying about Rawat. So like, and it's damn, it's very tough. So it was the toughest thing I've done. So at one point, they say something, and I'm like, Why did you say yes? I only said that much of yes.

Aarya Season 3 is currently streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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