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Shweta throws in the towel, opts out of Iss Jungle...

Shweta Tiwari has decided to call it quits on Sony Entertainment Television’s Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao.

Published: Monday,Jul 27, 2009 12:57 PM GMT-06:00
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The dutiful bahu of Television, Shweta Tiwari has decided to walk out of the jungle life to get back to her cozy lifestyle in Mumbai and join her daughter Palak.

Shweta throws in the towel, opts out of Iss Jungle...
According to our source, "Shweta left the jungle due to unhygienic living conditions which lead to infections on her skin. She also couldn't get used to the scary, not to mention dangerous living conditions in the jungle." The source adds, "Shweta was also tired of Aakashdeep's mood swings."

Shweta apparently couldn't contain it any longer and confronted Aakashdeep on his behavior with Fiza. She reprimanded Aakashdeep saying, "You are a well-educated person from a good family. You too have your mother and sisters at home. How would you feel if anybody spoke to them so disrespectfully?"

Shweta lets us know that she got tired of the incessant gossiping. She says, "If you don't work, people complain of you being lazy and not helping. And if you work, then they gossip that all the work is done, to gain publicity out of it."

About her experience in the show she says, "I had agreed to do the show to get a jungle experience. Now that I have, ab mujhe Iss Jungle se bachao( now save me from this jungle)."

Well, it now remains to be seen whether Shweta will make a comeback to the jungles or not!!

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parii2 @parii2 14 years ago i had heard that she already had this in mind to leave d show after a few days...do some skin show and leave as she has got a movie were she has to play such a character only
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Aurpa @aurpa08 14 years ago gud decision.............dat place is like a hell........
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Imran @-Imu.M- 14 years ago I am so happy, She opted out, No Money is worth risking health, i am so glad she did that .. Good for You, I always admire her, I wanted her to win but now that she is out, I am not genna watch the show anymore ..

Good decision Shwetu, i am proud of ya !
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Jasmine @Jasmine... 14 years ago good for her...i hate this show!!!
they are playing with celebs' lives yaar...!!
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aaaabangalore @aaaabangalore 14 years ago wat is dis old newz or d new one????????????
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Glinda Elizabeth Kushero @Ezria_Fan_4ever 14 years ago awwwwww, i wanted her 2 win,
but i guess her decision is right
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surveen @surveen_kapoor 14 years ago Awwwwwww..... well done shweta !!!!! i enjoyed ewatchoing u .. u r a very sweet sweetheart ... even i guessed that if some1 leaves .. some1 will come and negar khan is here

and yes great tat u did a task and won full stars proud of taht dear.. go home dear :D:D
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BWSweetu @BWSweetu 14 years ago chalo nautanki to khatam huiii... how can she blame deepak qazir.... and she lied about her daughter... left ondrrfull husband
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Saabira Mohideen @Saabi45 14 years ago Great that she left.. I guess they wanted someone to leave to make way for that new person.

Well done Shweta.. We enjoyed your stint on the show!! Ab Jungle se bahar aajao..
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Giah @Giah 14 years ago i'm actually glad she's out because last week when she and palak had to get the trunk she lied so bad to all the other contestants when sometime back she herself said to palak to sit and rest...and please stop these akasdeep bashes again and again...
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