Showering their Messages are Telly Stars..

Get to read the New Year Plans of your favorite Telly Stars.. Check out the messages showered by them on their fans...

Parul Chauhan:

New Year Plans: I will be partying all night; we actors rarely get time to do gig on the floor due to our hectic schedules. So all we would do for the New Year would be Party and Party.

Message to your fans: Happy New Year to all my friends. Continue watching our show, so that our TRP increases.

Swapnil Joshi :

New Year Plans: I am going out with my friends to Frychell; it’s an island and will be having a blast out there..

Message to your Fans: Keep Walking. Success is a part of life, don't get disheartened by failure.

Benaf Dadachanji :

New Year Plans: I am going out of town, probably to Goa. I am not at all in a Party mood, so I just want to enjoy my break and relax.

Message to your Fans: Enjoy New Year. Don't Drink and Drive.

Kiran Karmarkar :

New Year Plans: No New Year Plan, as I will be shooting on 31st and 1st. I am not a party person, so am against going out on 31st night, as all places will be crowded.

Message to your fans: Work, Work and Work - is the only Message I would give to all of them. Earn money and then do whatever you want..

Aamir Ali :

New Year Plans: Not yet decided, we have a show at Bhubaneshwar, so will be going there. I have heard that there is a nice beach there, so may be will hit there after the show.

Message to your fans: I thank you all for the love and support you had given me and my message to my fans will be, ‘Try to be happy.’

Prachi Desai :

New Year Plans: Going out for a short holiday to Goa with my friends.

Message to your fans: I would like to thank everybody, especially India-Forums members. Whenever I get time, I visit India-Forums. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all the support showered on me.

Husein :

New Year Plans: Not Yet Decided.

Message to your fans: New Year is good time to celebrate. I would like to tell my fans one thing, that you do not need a new year to start something new; so whenever you feel there is room for change, try to achieve it. The most important message I would give for the New Year is ‘Don’t Drink and Drive’.

Tina Parekh:
New year Plans: I’m headed out of Mumbai till the 2nd.

Message for your fans: Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year. God bless.

Ajay Krrish:

New Year Plans: I am very much in Mumbai on the 31st, but I’ll be hitting Goa on the 3rd of January.

Message to your fans: Party hard, and work harder. I truly wish that all those things that you couldn’t achieve in 2007, you get it next year. Just keep moving ahead and take over the world.

Anand Survyanshi:

New Year plans: I haven’t been keeping well, so I am in Mumbai it self, rest not too sure what’s the big plan… Might just keep it low this year..

Message to your fans: Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year. I hope that we set out to get what we've dreamt of. Also, in the coming year, let's take charge of our nation as well, and start off to do something good and see in what ways can we help out others, and can bring our nation to a better position. Love to all..

Reporter: Ranjini Nair, Hiral Anju Bhatt

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Comments (18)

Tanisha you are a great actress and i liked u in Neal N'Nikki, no matter what people say.

16 years ago

wishn hussain/tina a belated happy new yr....

16 years ago

no Iq or neha.......nyways i lyk husien!!!!!

16 years ago

Wish u all a very happy new year !!!!!!!

16 years ago

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16 years ago

awwww so sweeeeeeeeet of prachiii...we love u prachi!!!!!!!!thanx a lottt for this...

16 years ago

Prachi is goin to Goa??? so is jay... i wonder if they are going out

16 years ago

Aww Lovely Messages from Everybody...A Happy New year to the entire Tellyworld..

16 years ago

thanks i liked benaf and prachi's answes

16 years ago

its wonderfull Prachi sabse pyari hayn or hamesha sabke dil pe raaj karegi wish you a very happy new year Prachi didi and lov you so much....Fatema .fatoubani

16 years ago

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