Shobha to accept Samarth in her life!

A new twist to be seen in Shobha's life. Read to know further...

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Balaji Telefilms' Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Ye is attracting the eyeballs of the masses with its mature love story and the performance of the star cast.

As seen in the the last episode, Shobha is in a dilemma as Samarth has comeback. When Shobha pleads to  Samarth (Harsha Chhaya) to stay back with the family he denies and forces Shobha to sign the divorce papers. Now to build his image again, he has come back in Shobha's life and wants to get back with his family.

With this tricky situation, will Shobha accept Samarth? Let's find out -

Our source says, "Due to all these problems Shobha (Sonali Bendre) is depressed and leaves the house. Vikram, Samarth, Sarika (Vivana Singh) search for Shobha and later they come to know that she was at a friend's place to take a decision of her life. Vikram (Apurva Agnihotri) who is in love with Shobha asks her to accept Samarth back in her life, Shobha will agree to do so as she feels that Vikram is her well wisher."

Will Shobha and Vikram come back together?

To know more keep reading the above space.

Phalguni Sharma

Harsh Chhaya Sonali Bendre Apurva Agnihotri Vivana Singh Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Ye  Life OK 

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fan555 6 years ago Finally shobha will know that Vikram loves her and samarth has not changed. At last i hope vibha will unite.
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shanti05 6 years ago Interesting twist, Not acceptable that Shobha would want to take Samarth back into her life & that also when her good friend with whom she shares a unique Bond Vikram has asked her or advised her or told her to do so. Well its the state of mind and for all the reasoning for Shobha family comes first the spark or the talk she heard before leaving from her kids about not being there during various school occasions & also she may see best for her kids.
Hope Vikram you do see happiness in your life again. This decision will affect you & hope whatever naani says if you r destined for happiness u may get it !! I still hope you get true love & she is someone u visualized always!!
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Shaina_b 6 years ago Yeh toh hona hi tha!!!!

Almost the same thing had happened in The Good Wife!!!!

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-Piku- 6 years ago Oh no, why Shobha and Vikram decide this.
Irrespective of the fact that Samarth has changed or not, Shobha should not accept such a person. He cheated and also forcefully blackmailed her to sign divorce papers. Pls Shobha no dont accept him2015-01-08 01:35:14
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meeyaa 6 years ago Thats sad... Vikram suggesting it and Shobha accepting it is even sadder... wish they had shown more bonding between the two before this happened...now it will take forever for them to come together again...:(
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rekha02 6 years ago It is useless reeking your brains over this unpredictable serial. Well Sarika's manipulation worked , since it is vikram who will make her decide to go back to samarth. Vikram loves the kids and thinks he cant spoil the kids life by trying to come between shobha and samarth.
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available1 6 years ago interesting theme, unique concept..hope viewers accept it as they r used to watch only typical K series n all sas bahu dramas..
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SuperChillz1 6 years ago The story is getting really interesting now, with the entry of Samarth and Vikram's sacrifice. There are so many complications in this dastaan. It will be phenomenal to see Shobha fight with her own feelings and emotions to realise where her love lies!
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aashiLife 9 years ago excited for ur future projects !!
rahul bose is a fantastic actor !! :)
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