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Shivani Raghuvanshi: Depression is Something We All Go Through!

We got in touch with Made In Heaven fame Shivani Raghuvanshi, who spoke about the issues of depression & suicide and also shared about her upcoming projects...

Published: Thursday,Jan 09, 2020 12:49 PM GMT-07:00
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Shavani Raghuvanshi

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Director Adeeb Rais’s recently released Short film Baatein is garnering rave reviews and a lot of love from short film lovers across the country. Starring Supriya Pilgoankar, Shivani Raghuvanshi, Sankalp Joshi and Adeeb Rais himself, Baatein touches issues with parenting and communication that youngsters may face in their everyday lives. 

Baatein is set in Palghar, Maharashtra and follows a young documentary filmmaker, Jeet; as he sets off to visit, Mrs. Deshpande, a widowed science professor. At his arrival, he is introduced to her niece, Tulika. As Jeet and Tulika form a friendship, they are joined by Mrs Deshpande, who is struggling to cope with life, as she griefs over the loss of her young son, Milind. 

As the unlikely trio, continue to spend the day together, a friendship is formed. They begin to share a few personal stories and express some of their deepest fears, feelings and thoughts with each other. A few unexpected and uncomfortable conversations take place, that happens to change their outlook towards life forever.

We got in touch with Made In Heaven fame Shivani Raghuvanshi, who spoke about the issues of depression & suicide and also shared about her upcoming projects. 

The short film deals with sensitive issues like depression, suicide and ragging. Have you or anyone close to you ever experienced any of it?

Depression, I think is something that we all go through, I’m not talking about the medical illness, but sometimes you just feel stressed out and lonely, hence we often get confused between being sad and being depressed. I personally don’t know somebody who has suffered from depression, but yes I have lived with somebody having anxiety issues. Talking about bullying, I was lucky that my school’s environment was very protective that way. 

How was it working with Adeeb Rais, as he was the director, producer, writer and even the actor in the film?

It was good and fun. I usually don’t take up short film projects but ‘Baatein’ just happened all of a sudden. I think it was just supposed to happen, and it happened by chance. I read the script and spoke to my manager. When I met Adeeb for the first time, I discussed the story with him and asked who will be the actor and he said that he is acting in the film himself and honestly I was not very comfortable with it.

I had my inhibitions because I didn’t know about any of his work and he was also going to act in the film, but because I said yes to the film and I didn’t want to come across as an unprofessional person, I decided to go ahead with it. Later, when we started shooting for the film, it was a fun experience overall.

How has Made In Heaven’s success changed your life as an artist?     

Well, if you’re talking about recognition, yes of course, a lot of people have started recognizing me and my face value has increased. I have been getting a lot of work after Made In Heaven, but to be very honest, very bad work. 



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Shivani Raghuvanshi

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