Shivangi, Rashami, Mouni and More, this week's Style Report Card is here

From a colourful tie-dye dress to an old-school bodycon, our weekly style critique you can't miss

style report card

That day of the week is here, when our fashion team at India Forums evaluates the style donned by your favourite television celebrity, to present to you all the fashion horrors and hits from the week.

Over the last seven days, when these celebrities were thinking they were winning double taps from their followers on social media for their style picks, we were analysing, evaluating and appreciating their ensembles. 

While we do acknowledge that it is completely human to make fashion nails and fails, however when a celebrity does, it becomes our job to make a note of it. Scroll down and check out our week's fashion round up in this style report card....

So 2009!

Aamna Shariff wearing an off-shoulder bodycon. While Aamna does look bomb in this dress, but it looks as though it has been pulled out from her closet of 2009. This ruched bodycon, gets a five for coming back from style history books, but Aamna gets a nine for her incomparable glam game. 

Aamna Shariff

A Little Extravagance Can't Leave You Behind

Ankita Lokhande donning season's most coveted carpet style, dramatic frills. Ankita wore this hot red design to Zee Cine Awards 2020 to take home a full ten from our style report card. So savage! She gets a ten.

Ankita Lokhande


Another season slayer, the tulle froth. Mansi Srivastava for her photo shoot, wearing a chartreuse green gown. Mansi gets an awesome eight for this doll of an outfit spotting!

Mansi Srivastava

Do The Drape Baby!

No matter how much the silhouette fashion keeps evolving, every now and again sees a resurgence of trends, like this one. Mouni Roy's tulip wrap skirt, a super chic 2015 trend now in 2020. Mouni gets a novel nine for this. 

Mouni Roy


How we like a good style spotting of vibrant tie-and-dyed dress. But this one leaves us a bit disappointed but not as much as those sandals. We suggest someone needs a shoedrobe upgrade! That said, if we had to rate Rashami for her beauty look, she would go home with a full ten.

Rashami Desai

Meet The Simple Suit

Shivangi Joshi makes a case of the most simple suit she has ever donned that too with a pair of sports shoes. Now we do understand she is travelling and all, but for our style desk this is a big fashion faux pa. No points to give!

Shivangi Joshi

Who is acing and how on your personal style radar? 

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below....

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