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Shivangi Joshi on Her Music Video Debut: I Was Waiting For The Right Song!

In an exclusive conversation, Shivangi Joshi spoke to us about her music video debut which is sung by Nikhil D'Souza and composed by Gaurav Dagaonkar...


In an exclusive conversation, Shivangi Joshi spoke to us about her music video debut titled Aadatein which is sung by Nikhil D'Souza and composed by Gaurav Dagaonkar. She spoke to us about her song and the reaction from fans and friends from the industry. 

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Shivangi this is your music video debut so what prompted you to finally take this up?

I always wanted to do a music video and was waiting for the right song for myself. And this song is beautiful, it’s a love song, it’s soulful, its amazing and when I heard the song I knew that I am going to do this song. It is sung by Nikhil D’souza and composed by Gaurav Sir. 

Gaurav and Nikhil, when did you both feel that Shivangi would be the perfect fit for the song?

When we were thinking about the casting, our requirement was that we need someone who carried the innocence that the character needed as well as somebody who could express and act beautifully. Shivangi  is known to be a fantastic actor and also gets her fan army so it was a win-win for all of us. And when we got to know that she was also looking to make her music video debut, we were very happy. 

The song hit 1 Million in just 24 hours. Were you expecting that number so soon?

Nikhil- I never know what to expect, there are many things that come together to decide how well a song does. I think we are quite lucky in this case that we have amazing actors which is a different thing from other videos where they put non actors. The song is super catchy. 

Nikhil, you have sung so many songs before, what makes Aadatein special?

What’s special about Aadatein is the man behind him, Gaurav who has composed it. I feel that he has always had a gift for good melodies and we’ve been forever looking for the song to do together so I think that is what’s most special for me. 

How are your friends and family from the industry reacting to the video?

Shivangi- They really really liked it and they loved the concept of the video, it’s very unique and fresh. As much as they liked the voice of our singer and composing of Gaurav, they liked the video as well. 

There has been a debate in the Bollywood industry over remixes. There is a certain section who does not approve of that. What is your take on that?

Nikhil- The only good thing that I see in this is that the old, classic songs that could have been lost because current generation does not listen to that music have been reintroduced. That way they are at least getting to listen to it in some form but I think the downside is that the people who are making these films and putting the money in these songs, they only want this because they think that people only want this. So, creativity has taken a downside because of that. More original content really needs to come out. 

Gaurav- I would like to add to this, I think the music scenario in India has undergone a change right now. Fortunately, non film music is getting really big now I see even fans are connecting more with artists and non film songs. 

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