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Shiva helps Raavi; Rishita takes a stand for Dhara in ‘Pandya Store’

Gear up for an interesting episode of Star Plus show ‘Pandya Store’.

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Cast of Pandya Store.

Courtesy : Disney+ Hotstar

Star Plus show ‘Pandya Store’ is getting quite interesting with each passing episode. The current track of the revolves around Rishita and Raavi trying to fill in for Dhara in Pandya niwas as they’ve sent Dhara to Hardik’s house so that the boys can plan a surprise for Dhara and Gautam. Rishita’s carelessness in the kitchen led to a shot circuit in the house. Raavi saved Rishita from a big mishap. 

In the upcoming episode, due to shot circuit, there’s a power cut at Pandya niwas. Shiva tries to fix it. The food gets spoiled. Raavi takes pomegranate seeds in bowl for Suman. However, accidently the bowl fell. Raavi gets stressed as the food has been spoiled and the only way to keep Suman busy for a while was by giving her a fruit to eat. Shiva notices that Raavi is genuinely stressed. He picks up the pomegranate seeds and put them back in the bowl and asks Raavi to wash the same and give it to Suman. Raavi and Shiva share a romantic moment.

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Finally, Gautam and Dhara return home and are surprised to see the house decorated. Suman, Raavi and Rishita do Dhara’s grah pravesh. Raavi gets Dhara deck-up for the special night. Dev, Krish and Shiva get tired and sleep in Dhara and Gautam’s new room.

Furthermore, a few women try to belittle Dhara and Suman as Pandya family hasn’t got a heir yet. Rishita takes a stand for Dhara and Suman and shuts the women up.

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Miss_SR 1 months ago Love ShiVi ❤
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GrilledCheese 1 months ago Loving Pandya Store! I'm waiting to watch good tracks for ShiVi and the other characters too
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mpks1 1 months ago I am glad Shiva noticed how stressed Raavi was and decided to help her in a small way. Also waiting for Rishita to defend Dhara bit Dhara also needs to stand up for herself which she has done in the past. I hope the writers go back and check what they have written and keep the core of all the characters intact.
Anyway enjoying watching Pandya Store and love the cast.
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gurl-enchanted 1 months ago Rishita ❤️ The outspoken loveable brat. I always enjoy watching her but especially when she defends her family
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No.1StarPlusFan 1 months ago Pandya Store

Mon-Sat | 7:30pm

Star Plus
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Shivi_forever 1 months ago Love Pandya Store
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raindropsroses 1 months ago Pandya Store ❤️
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