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Shiva and Raavi's sizzling romance; Dhara gets intoxicated in 'Pandya Store'

Here's what's in the store for the viewers of Star Plus show 'Pandya Store'.

Published: Thursday,Mar 31, 2022 05:47 AM GMT-06:00
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Shiva, Raavi and Dhara

Star Plus show 'Pandya Store' is getting the love from the audience. The current track of the show revolves around Rishita's family turning positive while Shiva and Raavi enjoy their marital bliss.

In the upcoming episodes, Janardhan and family question Suman regarding hiding the news of Rishita's pregnancy from them. Suman apologizes to them. Janardhan states that he can be a bad person but he has the rights of knowing the good news about his grandchild. Janardhan blesses Rishita and get gifts for the family. Suman and Dev deny to take the gifts. Rishita asks them to accept the gift. Janardhan states that he wants Rishita to stay with them and they'll make her go in an expensive hospital for the delivery and check-ups. Dhara denies the same.

Kalyani speaks to Rishita in person and tells her to not see Dhara's face first in the morning as Dhara can't become a mother and might affect her pregnancy. Dhara overhears the conversation and gets extremely upset and leaves. Rishita rubbishes her and tells her that Dhara is a nice person and is happy with her pregnancy.

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Shiva expresses his love to Raavi while Raavi asks Shiva to praise her. Shiva asks her to close her eyes and takes her infront of many mirrors. The duo indulge in romance.

Dhara again hears Rishita's family bad-mouthing her and gets angry. She goes ahead to drink bhaang. Dev tries to stop her but in vain. She gets intoxicated and starts behaving differently. She asks Rishita's family to leave from the Holi celebration. Rishita gets angry as Dhara insults Rishita's family. Gautam tries to stop her but in vain.

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Palak2812 4 months ago Shivi being alone and being just happy away from family drama.

Loved the episode.
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mpks1 4 months ago It was indeed an wholesome episode. Shiva- Raavi away from the family drama, in their own world. Shiva finally confesses and tells Raavi she means to him were shot really well. The aesthetics and the atmosphere was perfect.
I also liked the conflict between Dhara and Rishita. Dhara has gone through so much for not having a child of own and she has buried her heartbreak for too long and it is better to get out of her chest, sooner than later.
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spdp 4 months ago Shiva & Raavi’s Holi conversation/proposal/ talk was exactly what fans were requesting since long! Scene where they focus on themselves.
No Bhabhi. No family.
beautifully written, Shot & performed scenes! KDice as ShiVi are effortless good!
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