Shilpa Agnihotri to enter Imagine's Jyoti

Shilpa Agnihotri is back to fiction after a long time, and will be seen in an inspirational role in Imagine's Jyoti

Shilpa Agnihotri who has been missing from fiction shows after Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi is back with Imagine's Jyoti, where she portrays the typical single mother who is content in living her life with her four year old daughter!!

According to our source, "Jyoti (Sneha Wagh) who cannot take the stress of dancing due to her pregnancy, will now start working at a play group where she has to teach little kids. This where she bumps into Ritu (Shilpa Agnihotri) who is a middle class working woman, a single mother. Ritu has come to enroll her kid at the play group. Jyoti is completely inspired by the manner in which Ritu goes about her life, and has no bitter feelings of being a divorcee with a kid".

When contacted, Shilpa confirmed the news and said, "Yes, I am enjoying being part of Jyoti. It is one of the serials that treats the audience with real emotions. And working with Sphere Origin is fantastic!!".

Talking about the reason why she took the show, Shilpa avers, "My mom is an average TV viewer, and is a keen follower of Jyoti. When I got a call to portray this role in Jyoti, I decided to take it up as this would make my mom happy (smiles)".

Talking about her role, she states, "I play Ritu who is a divorcee, living with her daughter. She is very happy in her world, and her daughter means life for her. She is content with life and this is what inspires Jyoti (Sneha Wagh) who is also pregnant and is a single mother".

Though Ritu strives hard to live a happy life, Jyoti will also see the manner in which a single mother has to struggle to exist in the society. Shilpa's character is expected to be around for 2-3 weeks as of now.

Shilpa was last seen in Imagine's Pati Patni aur Woh, and the actress feels that it is a home coming for her, to be part of Imagine again..

She will have a very simple look, that of a typical middle class working woman. Shilpa has started shoot today, and her entry sequence will be aired this Friday..

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Comments (10)

@blyton: first I read ur comment,I didnt look at the left side of it.then I thought who can write this with so much honesty..then I was like you.
I complety agree with you.
Shilpa stop talking this nonsence" I m doin this becoz of my mom & all"

13 years ago

"I decided to take it up as this would make my mom happy ", whom is she kidding? She took it up because like most TV stars from the crumbled Kekta bastion, she is currently unemployed and needs money!

13 years ago

that's nice
may jyoti learn from her

13 years ago

Shilpa is my favourite TV actress!!!!!I just love her!!!!

13 years ago

Wow, I wanted to see her hubby in Jyoti but I get to see her instead.Hope Apu also does some acting for a change

13 years ago

OMG OMG..Shilpa is back..She is my favourite telly actress..Good that after Ganga, she took up a chalenging role of Ritu..An independent single mother...That type of female character we need for our Indian Television...I am 100% sure that she will rock the show...All the best to her...Please extend her role...She is too good...Love U Shilpa... :-)

13 years ago

Thanks, very nice movie, watching original qith making will be more fun! Imran rocks!

15 years ago

i saw KIDNAP but sorry to say that it is not GOOD
it is very very very GOOD :-)

15 years ago

i''ve beeen waiting for the original..

15 years ago

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15 years ago

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