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Shehnaaz’s Father: Sidharth Also Feels For Her!

We got into a candid conversation with Shehnaaz’s father who spoke about 'Sidnaz' being extremely popular outside the house, his daughter’s behavior in the house and much more...


Punjab ki Katrina Kaif, Shehnaaz Gill is leaving no stone unturned in being a 24*7 entertainment package on Bigg Boss season 13. In a recent episode, Shehnaaz confessed that she has fallen head over heels for Sidharth Shukla. Shehnaaz’s possessiveness for Shukla was also highlighted by Salman Khan in Weekend Ka Vaar episode.

We got into a candid conversation with Shehnaaz’s father who spoke about Sidnaz being extremely popular outside the house, his daughter’s behaviour in the house, and much more.

Excerpts from the interview:-

What do you think about Shehnaaz’s game in the house?

For Shehnaaz, this is her first show so she is unable to understand the game that is going on inside. She is just being natural, she does not know how to perform tasks, how to engage in politics. She is considering Bigg Boss ka Ghar as her own.

How is Shehnaaz like in real life? Mahira called her ‘fake’ in Weekend ka Vaar episode, what is your take on that?

People who do not know Shehnaaz in real life may be thinking that she is being fake inside but ask the ones who know her. She is exactly the same in real life, crying over petty issues, entertaining everyone and her childish behaviour is not fake. Nobody can fake for 24 hours in the same house and if people still think she is fake, she deserves the ‘Best Actress’ award.

Shehnaaz has also been given the tag of ‘Flipper’ in the house. What is your take on that?

If you call Shehnaaz a ‘Flipper’ then everybody in the house should be given the same tag. Other contestants have also flipped with time in house. What about Asim, Shefali Jariwala, and other contestants who have flipped from their words numerous times. Shehnaaz has a very good bonding with Sidharth Shukla but she does not follow his opinions. She has her own individual game. If speaking what you feel is considered to be a flipper I am happy with her being the flipper.

With whom do you like Shehnaaz more- Paras or Sidharth?

Earlier in the show Shehnaaz chose to be with Paras since she used to follow Paras in Splitsvilla, she had a soft corner for Paras back then.  Then with time she did not like Paras and his game. Paras chose Mahira later on. After that Shehnaaz developed a bond with Sidharth. If I speak about being a viewer of Bigg Boss , I am a Sidnaaz fan. I love to see them together on the show.

Paras was seen commenting about Shehnaaz on recent Weekend Ka Vaar episode  “Mujhe pata tha ye aisi hai isliye mein piche ho gaya”. What is your take on this?

Paras has never given a correct statement in Bigg Boss 13. Shehnaaz and Sidharth have a real bond and it can be seen by the viewers on the screen. Not only Shehnaaz but Sidharth also feels for her. He was affected when Shehnaaz was not talking to him . Paras on the other hand has never said anything good about any girl. But Shehnaaz has always respected Paras.

Shehnaaz recently confessed her feelings for Siddharth. What would you like to say about that?

All the viewers were already aware about Sidnaaz that one day there will be a love angle in their friendship. Either one of them will propose the other. Now if Shehnaaz has proposed finally what is the problem? Shehnaaz is the one who is looking wrong on the screen. 

When Sidharth pinned Shehnaaz down, he was trolled for his violent behavior. What is your take on that?

Shehnaaz and Sidharth have a friendly equation. We have already seen both of them slapping each other playfully. I don’t think anything is wrong with that. This is just their ‘nok-jhok’ and not only me but all the viewers are liking this.  I love them as a viewer of the show. There is a chance that they may not remain in touch after coming out from the house. 

What advice do you want to give to Shehnaaz after going inside the house?

After going inside the house I would like to talk to Sidharth and Shehnaaz. In the upcoming episodes, Shehnaaz will be Paras’s enemy in the house. I would like to deal with Paras myself but makers won’t allow me to do so. I will advice Shehnaaz to not respect Paras anymore. You will see a new avatar of Shehnaaz after I meet her in the house.

Mahira and Shehnaaz had a tiff about who has worked more in Punjabi Industry. What is your take on that?

I can tell you how many songs Mahira has worked in. When it comes to Shehnaaz, she has worked in more than two thousand songs. A recent song sung by her will be released in Canada now.

What do you think is fake in the show?

When it comes to being fake everyone in the show is fake. Shehnaaz does what she wants to do without caring about anybody.

What would like to say about Shehnaaz’s recent argument with Salman Khan?

The argument between Shehnaaz and Salman Khan was just a way to get more TRP. Salman Khan has no hard feelings for Shehnaaz. He likes her. This argument was just done to get more TRP for the show.

Shehnaaz has given a ‘Punjabi tadka’ in the show. How proud you are as a father?

I am extremely proud of her. Shehnaaz will always play her individual game. She will not do what others will tell her to do. She will be the way she is no matter what happens. 

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