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Sheezan should be punished; I've lost my child: Tunisha Sharma's mother

Tunisha Sharma’s mother gives a statement on the case.

Published: Monday,Dec 26, 2022 08:15 AM GMT-07:00
Updated: Monday,Dec 26, 2022 08:24 AM GMT-07:00
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Tunisha's mother, Tunisha and Sheezan

Tunisha Sharma’s death news has sent shock waves to the entire nation. Merely twenty years old Tunisha hanged herself on the sets of her Sony SAB show ‘Alibaba: Daastan-e- Kabul’. Reports have it that Tunisha was apparently in a relationship with Sheezan Mohammed who plays the character of Alibaba in the show. 

As per reports, Sheezan and Tunisha broke-up recently, which affected Tunisha’s mental- health a lot. She took the drastic step on an unfortunate afternoon of 24th December 2022.  Tunisha’s mother Anita Sharma has filed an abatement to suicide complaint against Sheezan and police has detained him until 28th of December 2022. There were rumours about Tunisha’s pregnancy but Police officers have ruled that out and stated that nothing of that sort has appeared on the autopsy report.

Now, Tunisha’s mother has given a statement to SBS in a video format. She says, “I want to inform the media that Sheezan betrayed Tunisha. He was in a relationship with Tunisha while he was also involved with his previous love-interest. He carried the relationship forward on the pretext of marriage. He used my daughter for three-four months and then broke-up with her. He should be punished severely. I have lost my child”.

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Tunisha's uncle who was a father figure to her interacted with media and revealed many details about the case. He said, " Tunisha stayed with me for around one and a half year during lockdown period and was a daughter to me. We were pretty close and chatted over calls several time but I wasn't aware of the happenings in her life. What I know from her close ones here from Mumbai is that she was stressed since a couple of days. She had informed her mother and a doctor about being cheated and going through issues. I don't want to blame anyone, I'm sure the official authorities are doing investigation and whoever is responsible in the matter should be punished".

Keep reading this space for more updates on this case.

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Deltablues 5 months ago This industry puts young girls in toxic workplaces at a delicate age and makes money off them. All the people around them are decades older than them and these kids playact love stories with men double their ages and experience. Then these pairings are shipped off-screen by fandoms without a single naysayer. If the co-actor is decent, he respects their delicate age and does not exploit them. This guy broke up with her and he's douche but that's not a crime.
This industry exposes the girls to these exploitative men and even normalises such problematic dynamics. They all are complicit.

Her loss is insurmountable but parents do have a job in protecting and guiding young people
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ChickenSoup 5 months ago Sheezan didn’t kill her, did he? Maybe he dumped her, hurt her emotionally and all but punishing him “severely” is a bit of an overkill. I understand that she’s a mother so her emotions have gotten the best of her. I hope she finds the strength to bear this loss.
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WildestDreams 5 months ago You can call him a cheater, a douche but that’s not a crime!
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