Sheeba Akashdeep: Films with action and violence do well

Sheeba Akashdeep says that this is not as big an issue as it is being made to be.

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Sheeba Akashdeep

Ranbir Kapoor’s Animal has been criticised by some for showcasing excessive violence. Actress Sheeba Akashdeep says that this is not as big an issue as it is being made to be.

“Traditionally, films with a lot of action and violence seem to do extremely well. People seem to like it as a genre maybe because it's larger-than-life, and it's like cinema at its full value. There is no violence inside everybody. There are different people. And there are some people who are violent and perhaps the viewer in us likes to watch how bad a person can get. Films do inspire behaviour. They do influence youngsters' minds. And, if kids are young, I don't think anyone should show them such films. Until you have taught them right from wrong and what a make-believe world is all about,” she says.

Ask her if she feels that extreme violence should not be shown in films, and she says, “I don't think it should be less because there's all kinds of cinema and people. There are all kinds of people who enjoy different kinds of comedy, action and thrillers. And so, you enjoy all different genres. But I guess you have to keep pushing the envelope to pull people back to the theatres. And apparently, it's worth it because every single action film that came out this year became a super duper hit So it's working.”

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