Sharad Malhotra goes the Akshay Kumar way...

Sharad Malhotra jumped from the 2nd floor of a building and landed into a moving truck amidst high drama for Banoo Main Teri Dulhann. Get the details right here on Telly Buzz.

Zee’s Banoo Main Teri Dulhann is entering its best phase wherein Amar and Divya join hands to seek revenge against Sindoora. The highpoint of the episode on September 9th will be that Amar who falls from the 10th floor of a multi-storey building will get flashes of his past-life as he falls!!

Amar who was beaten black and blue by Sindoora’s henchmen will fall from the building, but will eventually drop into a moving truck. Sharad Malhotra who shot for the sequence without using a duplicate is a happy man today, but he does confide that he was feeling very jittery when he shot for the episode. “I jumped from the 2nd floor of the building, but in the serial, we show that Amar jumped from the 10th floor”, quips Sharad.

Sharad feels that the usage of a body double here would not have given a realistic feel to the scene. “The most scary part was that I had to jump from the building and land into a moving truck below. So this needed me to be very sharp and timing was the key here. Our action master taught me the jump and this helped me a lot”, quips the actor.

On the mental preparation needed for the scene, Sharad states “I had to be at ease mentally. I rehearsed for the scene 3-4 times; I was very jittery mainly because I am scared of heights. I also have the Vertigo problem which makes my head swing when I stand at a height. But all’s well that ends well, as I managed to do the scene with cables tied over me. Now that, I am done with it, I can say that I had great fun”.

Sharad Malhotra took few blows on his body in the fight that ensued before the fall. “I had tube lights hit on my chest, bottles broken on my head and even a hit with a hockey stick on my knees. I would like to mention my director here, Sanjay Ghosh who was very much concerned about my safety while on shoot. The unit took all the precautions needed, and I escaped with just minor scratches and a sprained hand”, avers Sharad as he laughs.

When asked about the phase ahead, wherein he gets up screaming Sindoora’s name the actor states, “There is much more to it. You need to wait and watch”.

Kudos to the brave Sharad Malhotra for giving realistic punches to his scenes!!

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Hehe thats funny.. i was just telling my mother this the other day! lolz..
but i totally agree with her and i feel she is really down to earth!

16 years ago

Wow, so daring, and you're so dedicated to the show

15 years ago

pls let his past memory come back & mission sindura be on its way....thanks Di for hte article...luv ya...

15 years ago

Didnt make it to watch the episode but will try to find it out atleast on videos.
Kudos to you Sweet Heart!!!! u r just amazing!!! :) :)

Thanks for the Article!!!

15 years ago

Sharad is truly a dedicated actor. Awesome Job.

15 years ago

Havent seen it yet, but hope you are oky, darling! Seems very impressive, can't wait to see the episode... hats off to you, Sharad!

Thanks for the article!

15 years ago

now i am definitely looking forward to that episode.

15 years ago

awwwwwwwwwwww........Sharad is so bravee....<3

15 years ago

that is really brave of sharad!
looking forward 2 that episode!

15 years ago

hehe he's afraid of heights :P
his hand got sprained?? :(
man he's brave! sach mein kudos to him!


15 years ago

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