Sharad, Divyanka entertain Hongkong...

Television's most loved couple Sharad Malhotra and Divyanka Tripathi recently performed in Hong Kong for the Zee Nite...Read to know more about the duo's experience...


As Zee TV celebrates Zee Nite in Hong Kong, the audience gets to see television's most loved couple, Sharad Malhotra and Divyanka Tripathi, performing together on stage.

We caught up with Sharad, who was on a one-day break from shooting to spend time with his mother, to know more about his performance. Recollecting his experience he says, "I had a fabulous time at the Zee Nite event. My energy level always doubles up when I get up on the stage for a performance. My entry was the most amazing part of the entire act. The lights were turned off and the modified Shahenshah dialogue, 'Rishtey mein toh hum Star lagte hain. Naam hai Sharad Malhotra' was played. The audience was completely taken by surprise as I was present in the same crowd. They identified me only when the spotlight hit."

Sharad danced a solo to Bachna Ae haseeno. He also performed a duet with Divyanka to the numbers 'Pehla nasha', 'Pehli nazar mein', 'Teri aur' and Sharad's favorite 'Bakhuda'.

Although Divyanka was suffering from a severe back pain, she too rehearsed a lot and sounded very exhilarated about her performance as she says, "I could not dance much as I was suffering from a severe back problem. I still managed to put in my best, though. I performed on the solo Pankudiyan ye gulab ki. On public demand, I also sang the song and this was my first live performance. The audience response was amazing and encouraging."

Apart from the couple, also seen on stage were Harpreet and some of the SRGMP contestants. The Zee Nite will air sometime next month in South East Asia.

Reporter: Ranjini Nair, Srividya Rajesh
Author: Melanie


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Siddhi_ 12 years ago wow... seriously cant wait to see them..
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Katy_AZ 12 years ago ‘Pehla nasha’, ‘Pehli nazar mein’, ‘Teri ore’ and Sharad’s favorite ‘Bakhuda’.
wao how romantic all romantic
well I can understand THIS song is ur fav.
it happens...happens....
totally_desi 12 years ago omg omg omg i really wanna see their performance
it must've been so romantic
canideactivate 12 years ago Can't wait to watch. They should so totally come to Washington DC. I really want them to host a show together.
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SunriseGreen 12 years ago oh my gosh!!!! no fair!! why don't they come to the US?? argh! lucky Hong Kong fans! I can't wait to see their performance..:P
divyankat 12 years ago OMG!!
I wanna see I wanna see !!!
thats so cool man!!!
Hope Divz gets better!!
thanx for the article!!
Jenifer. 12 years ago will it not air in europe? we all would like to see it!
l0vey 12 years ago awww i want to see their performance!! :D
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