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'Shamaayal was a complete non-dancer - Sambhavna Seth'

Sambhavna Seth, winner of COLORS Dancing Queen talks about how tough it was to teach her student Shamaayal to shake a leg on the dance floor. But yet she sticks to her guns that the latter was not unlucky for her.


Sambhavna Seth, the mentor of the winner of COLORS'' Dancing Queen has no qualms to admit that her student Shamaayal was a non dancer. "I really had to under play, other wise she would fade into to the background. I have been very strict with her. I kept screaming at her, as she was repeating the same mistakes over and over again, but now it is all worth it. I had devoted my last three months exclusively to this show. I totally neglected my family, my pet dog nearly died and I was not there", quips Sambhavna.
Ask about her collapsing after winning the title and she says "It was due to sheer exhaustion and pressure. I had not eaten a morsel of food since the day before. The rest you all know that I had a mixture of emotions. I laughed and cried as well".
When asked to comment on the controversies that had bogged the show, she says "There were no deliberate efforts by the channel or the production house to spike up things. I did say a few things, but those were in the heat of the moment. I really felt sad when both Shweta Salve and Anita Hassanandani's teams were out. The elimination of the latter was the most hurting, for her student Sonali Nirantar surely deserved to be in the finale".
She did not want to pay much attention to her tiff with co-mentor, Deepshikha Nagpal. "I have nothing personal against her, but what ticked me was that we were getting into the danger zone, not due to the judges, but due to the insecurities of the other mentors".  
Do you think you were unlucky to get Shamaayal, as your student? "Many thought Shamaayal to be the weakest contestant. But I would still say I was lucky to have her. She was not a good dancer, but yet better dancers had been voted out, right!".
Sambhavna is quite proud to have won this competition "It shows that public has supported me and without their love, we would not have reached so far.  Earlier I had a mixed experience with Bigg Boss 2. Some people liked me while others did not. Plus I did not help matters by being too vocal about certain things" she admitted. 
About the future she says "Now, I will let my hair down, party hard, chill with family and friends and go to Vaishno Devi.  I had not had a blast even after coming out of Bigg Boss. But now I will do so. Only after recharging my batteries will I think of fresh work".
In closing, this Bollywood item girl says, "After  Bigg Boss, one of the main reasons for joining this competition was to show the world my dancing prowess. But sadly I could not show my full versatility here as I had Shamaayal.  I hope to now go all out next time".

Reporter and Author: Anil Merani


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ArmaansGirl 11 years ago Congrats 2 dem! :D yes..sad when anita went out..she realli deserved 2 sty...! :D <3 n shamyal...she is soooo not a non-dancer..shes bad..wat is sambhavna tlking bout?? oh gawd...shamyaal was amzizng in yeh hai jalwa! :D
Katy_AZ 11 years ago Shmaayal was there in yeh hai jalwa
& how can she be a non dancer????
nimm_o 11 years ago This content is hidden.
Aarohi.. 11 years ago ss did ot deserve the title
Anita to the fullest deserves it
*Shruti* 11 years ago Congrats to Shamaayal & Sambhavna!!
~*shaili*~ 11 years ago anita deserved to win..n as for sm she jus wants to show that shamayal won completely coz of her!too proud n undeserving
Eksie 11 years ago I completely disagree with Sambhavna that Shamaayal was a non-dancer .. On the contrary, she''s a fab dancer .. and was in Husein''s team in Yeh Hai Jalwa .. and did a brilliant job there too! All together, Shamaayal included, were the 1st runners up of the Yeh Hai Jalwa trophy!
karanpatellover 11 years ago congrats to shamayal n sambhavna...
sambhavna rely is a very gd dancer nd she truly deservd 2 win...
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