Shalin Bhanot launches clothing brand while inside 'Bigg Boss' house

Shalin Bhanot has been one of the most talked about contestants of the season.

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Shalin Banot

Shalin Bhanot has been one of the most talked about contestants of the season for his entertainment, spontaneity as well as his dressing sense.  From his weekend conversations with Salman to his drool worthy body, Shalin has been a talk of the town and is now part of the Top 5 for this season of Bigg Boss.  Now latest buzz is that the actor who's wardrobe has made many headlines has launched his own clothing brand, Show Sha, while he's inside the house.  

Flaunting jackets and tshirts from his brand, Shalin team has uploaded glimpses of the clothes that the clothing line will carry stating, "For all the love that all of you have been showering on Shalin, today we have a major announcement for all of you!  Shalin might be inside the house entertaining you but there's always a lot more when it comes to him....And the latest surprise for all his fans is that Shalin is all set to announce his own clothing brand, Show Sha!  #ShowSha has already been worn by Shalin inside the house and these customized jackets and tshirts just have all our hearts....It's all about the clothes fitting your personality, not you fitting into the clothes!"  

This season has been declared a hit as the TRPs have been fabulous with major twists of Bigg Boss Khel Rahe Hain....With the last leg left, it looks like Shalin has made the best of being a part of the reality show grabbing headlines and entertaining audiences while creating brand value for himself!

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