Shakuntala- an eternal love story...

Star One Presents one of the Greatest Love Epics of all times...

To love is to suffer; to avoid suffering one must not love; but then one suffers from not loving….

Presenting love in its most original form for the first time on Indian television!! From the Star One stable comes a classic – Shakuntala- an eternal love story. Viewers will witness the legend of Shakuntala unfold only on Star One beginning 2nd February, every Mon-Thurs at 9.30pm. Bringing the epic alive on television screens along with Star One would be India’s mythological powerhouse and makers of many original series – Sagar Pictures. 

Shakuntala is a name that sparks an aura of undefinable beauty and the innocence of young Love. Shakuntala was the daughter of celestial apsara Menaka and sage Vishwamitra and was abandoned by her parents’ right after she was born. The baby is found by sage Kanva who gives her refuge in his ashram and raises her like his own daughter.  

Shakuntala grows up to be a breath taking beauty. In a chance encounter she meets the love of her life, King Dushyant. Circumstances separate Shakuntala from King Dushyant and this is just the beginning of her journey of love, sacrifice and devotion. 

The story of Shakuntala is a classic example of love so pure that it transcends all artificial boundaries that human beings create. Within a setting that boasts of intricate grandeur, authentic detailing and classic costumes, Star One will showcase the love story with a promise to re- affirm the faith that true love actually exists!

Catch the epic love story of Shakuntala only on Star One beginning 2nd February, every Mon-Thurs at 9.30pm!

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WOWWWWWWWWWWWW Star one is backkkk in a bammm
Gosh, DMG, MJHT, this one and a new one going to come soon. Wowieeee Star one is the bets love story channel for eveyone

15 years ago

looks interesting.. might watch.. if it is on on star one.. the bestest drama channel that birthed DMG & MJHT Then i hope it is a success .. soo cant wait..

15 years ago

i wish this show all t5he success so starone chanel will b n peak heights than other channels

15 years ago

Star One is on a soo happy for it..
i seriously wish this serial does g8..
i really love this channel for giving the best serial dill mill gayye n i hope star one continues to prosper n do great!

15 years ago

thanks! look forward to watching the serial.

15 years ago

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