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'Shahrukh and my mother are my lucky mascots' Karan Johar

Karan Johar talks about his upcoming show on Sony, produced by YRF TV titled Lift Kara De …

Published: Sunday,Dec 27, 2009 14:10 PM GMT-07:00
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Karan Johar will be soon seen hosting Sony and YRF's Lift Kara De, which is a show that hunts for the biggest fan of the twenty top stars of our country. Here, Karan talks to us about the show and his favorite star too!

Tell us why you chose to do such a show?
See, we all know that all the well known stars have loads of fans but we have never known the life story of these fans. In this show I have met a few fans whose house, whose entire world revolves around their favorite star. I'm just amazed at all the info about these fans. I mean they dedicate their entire lives to a superstar. We know that there are fans who love their stars but no one might have actually seen the level of madness in their eyes, in their hearts. Through this show I have seen. It's been heartening, it's been emotional and elevating in every level.

Why is the show titled Lift Kara De?
That you'll come to know when this show goes on air. The idea behind it will be revealed only on the first of Jan with Shahrukh Khan. Yes it's true; it's an Adnan Sami song.

Any specific eccentricity of one of the fans that you still remember and would like to share?
Actually it's a very tough question to answer. Everyone is super-crazy about their favorite star in their own way. I've done four episodes till now- Shahrukh, Priyanka, Kajol and John and every fan of these stars is very special and unique, so much that it brought tears to my eyes just hearing their stories.

Are you searching for the biggest fan of directors too?
I'm telling this to you with a very heavy heart that this show doesn't deal with fans of directors. I'm sure all directors have their loyal fans but they haven't been featured in Lift Kara De. So unfortunately I couldn't meet my fans too!

What is the criteria for judgment?
It's a nationwide hunt. Once you understand the concept of the show you'll understand what makes one bigger than the other fan. It's fantastic the things that fans do, just to enter the studio…really really heartening.

After a long time you are associating again with Yashraj…
It's not at all a long time. For me they're like family. I keep meeting them on and off. It's an emotional and professional bond. No matter which project I start, I do it with the blessings of Yashji.

Who is your favorite star?
My favorite star is Shahrukh Khan. There's no doubt about it. He is special to me personally and professionally. I do have the highest regards for all the best actors of this country. The legend in this country is Mr. Amitabh Bachchan as he proved in Paa that he can do anything. Probably at that age I'll be living under an MRI. The passion, intensity and regularity with which he works makes him awesome. But my favorite will always be SRK as I have shaped my career with him by my side.

The show was to open either with SRK Yashraj's favorite or Salman Khan, Sony's sweetheart…
Well, for me I was very happy to know the very first episode was with Shahrukh.  Both the seasons of my talk show featured him in the first episode. My next film is with Shahrukh and now in Lift Kara De…so there's a synergy there.

Is SRK your lucky charm?
Shahrukh and my mother are my lucky mascots!

What have been the highlights of the Indian film industry this year?
Paa, and the emergence of Ranbir Kapoor as an actor.

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose

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-SilverFlames- 13 years ago Karan J is forever awesome... ive been reading a book on SRK lately and the foreword is by KJ he truly is awesome and KJ and SRK are truly a dream team...
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ilovechocolates 13 years ago srk rocks!
the friendship between srk and karan is amazing(touch-wood).
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Nikki_Titli 13 years ago aaw....SRK is truly d bestest lucky mascot......n i'm really realy proud of being one among his hardcore ultra krazzzzzzyyyyyy deewanis....nw w8in for this new rockin Show to start!!!!n me also really really utter happy to d core to knw tht Show is startin wid SRK!!!!!.....vich z d perfect start!!!
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sonali09 13 years ago karan and srk make an awesome team! luv them both!
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-Imu.M- 13 years ago Isn't Karan, SRK'S saabse Bada Fan ??

Looking forward to the show!
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Shaina_b 13 years ago SRK and Karan make a great team!!!!Cannot imagine Karan not working with SRK!!!!

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ADAsyed 13 years ago luv u karan for luving srk
& i love both of u like anythng
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stunninstar 13 years ago oh..karan is he perfect friend.. anyone canget..srk is lucky.. :)
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DivineDreams. 13 years ago that's sweet...luv karan and SRK friendship : )
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k_anjali12 13 years ago Awesome Karan:)
Waiting for the show!2009-12-27 02:22:50
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