Shahid-Kareena mystery unraveled on BBC

Shahid kareena no more together news is true.

Publicist Dale Bhagwagar will interact with listeners in a live telephonic interactive radio session, on the BBC Asian Network in UK, on October 27, at 10 am (GMT). He is expected to give his frank opinion of publicity stunts, and whether the Shahid-Kareena episode is one. In fact, he has promised to unravel the mystery behind the much publicized break-up.

Dale has a weekly column, 'Ask Dale', on IndiaFM. In this, he has said, "From a PR point of view, Shahid can either play cry-baby and portray himself as a bechara
attracting public sympathy, or he can say that it doesn't bother him if Kareena left him. But Shahid is toeing a better line right now. He is saying that he is moving on
in life."

Dale believes that this is the best path that the actor can take, given the situation. 



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