Shahid Kapur pours his heart out to Taran Adarsh on B BIZ

In an emotional interview with Taran Adarsh, Shahid Kapur breaks his silence on Kareena, Saif and matters of the heart! For more on this, tune into Zee muzic on December 3rd, 10.30 pm...

Shahid Kapur, the 'Chocolate Boy' of Bollywood, is definitely on 'Cloud Nine' after the runaway success of his recent film 'Jab We Met'.

But on the personal front, Shahid who is battling out an emotional phase, after his reported breakup with the gorgeous Kareena, had preferred to be a silent specatator to the talks around him till now. But the silence has finally given way, and the star who is now nursing a broken heart, gives an emotional interview to Taran Adarsh for a recent episode of B Biz on Zee Muzic.

Shahid pours out everything from Kareena and Saif, to his forthcoming films. When asked how it feels to be finally accepted as a good on-screen pair with Kareena after the relationship is over, Shahid said, “I’ve learnt to take everything in life with a smile.” In the exciting episode, Shahid also talks about his alleged link-up with Vidya Balan and reveals whether he will work with Kareena in the future!

Tune in to catch Shahid on B BIZ, Zee Muzic at 10:30 PM, Monday, 3rd Dec. and also at 8:30 PM, Monday, 3rd Dec on ETC.

Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Vidya Balan

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Taran Adarsh

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What about us people who don't live in India. I can't even get hold of the interview on the net, saw a small part of it and loved it. Wish I could see the whole lot.
Shahid is such a wonderful person, absolutely adore him

16 years ago

Shahid rocks..........Loved Vivah and JWM.

He rocked in Shikhar and Fida also.

His film with Aziz Mirza will rock yet again....He will play a talkative character here.. he said...

The most promising upcoming star out there....slow and steady wins the race..He is a very fine actor and a fabulous dancer also. Cant wait to his film on dance with Ken Ghosh.

I watched the interview, Shahid is a very matured person....
keep it up Shahid...

16 years ago

wheres the video?? anyone? please??

16 years ago

JWM was awesome
I'm sad for him though..Kareena didnt deserve him

16 years ago

i dont have Zee music i want the video!!

16 years ago

Ahh, he is so sweet, he dosent deserve a girl like Kareena

16 years ago

shahid is so sweet at least he knows not to be down in the dumos and just get on with it
i just dont see what kareen sees in saif he is weird?
but oh well i never liked shahid and kareena jodi kareena looks older then shahid

16 years ago

I am praying hard for shaahid and amrita to getogether... dey will make a wonderful pair offscreen as well... I nvr liked Shaahid and Kareena 2gether... Kareena looks looot older dan shaahid...

16 years ago

shahiddd andd amritaaaa
alll thee wayyyyy
allow kareenaa..hes 2 gud 4 him lol

16 years ago

ohhh poor shahid..... bt jab we met rockzzz.... best of luck 4 the future tooo

16 years ago

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