"Shah Rukh Khan gives his hundred percent": Ganesh Acharya on choreographing him for 'Dunki'

In an interactive session with a leading portal, Ganesh Acharya shed light on the simplicity of the movements in the song 'Lutt Putt Gaya' featuring Shah Rukh Khan.

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Ganesh Acharya and Shah Rukh Khan

The release of Drop 2, titled 'Lutt Putt Gaya,' from Rajkumar Hirani's Dunki, treated the audience to a heartwarming melody. However, beyond its melodious tunes, the song brought forth the enduring charm of Shah Rukh Khan. The superstar's charisma was elevated through the stellar choreography of the veteran Ganesh Acharya, marking their collaboration after a significant hiatus since their last project together in the 1999 film Baadshah.

In an interactive session with a leading portal, Ganesh Acharya shed light on the simplicity of the movements in the song 'Lutt Putt Gaya.' Explaining the concept behind the song, he stated, “Koi Kaise Lutt Jaata Hain” (How does someone get robbed). Ganesh further shared that the choreography earned the approval of director Rajkumar Hirani. Commending Pritam's musical prowess, Ganesh highlighted that the song serves as a narrative tool, revealing what Shah Rukh's character, Harrdy, and his friends must undertake to secure their visas for international travel.

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Praising Shah Rukh Khan's commitment and hard work, Ganesh expressed admiration for the superstar's dedication. As the choreographer for all the songs in Dunki, Ganesh emphasized that SRK consistently delivers beyond expectations, giving a thousand percent when only a hundred percent is anticipated. Despite challenging conditions, including shooting in scorching heat, Acharya commended Shah Rukh's remarkable energy and dedication, expressing his delight at collaborating with him after such an extended period.

Delving into the specifics of 'Lutt Putt Gaya,' Ganesh highlighted its uniqueness compared to other Shah Rukh Khan songs. He pointed out a deliberate effort to incorporate more leg movements rather than the traditional spread of arms. Dunki, boasting an ensemble cast featuring Boman Irani, Taapsee Pannu, Vicky Kaushal, Vikram Kochhar, and Anil Grover alongside Shah Rukh Khan, is presented by JIO Studios, Red Chillies Entertainment, and Rajkumar Hirani Films. Produced by Rajkumar Hirani and Gauri Khan, and written by Abhijat Joshi, Rajkumar Hirani, and Kanika Dhillon, Dunki is scheduled for release in December 2023.

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