Shabana Mullani on her biggest crush...

Shabana who was seen in Bidaai has a big crush on the versatile actor Rahil Azam..

Shabana Mullani, the actress who was recently seen in SAB's Main Kab Saas Banoongi and also in Bidaai has a big crush on the versatile
actor, Rahil Azam. "Rahil is such a creative person, a fabulous actor that I adore him a lot. I have been an ardent watcher of his serials from the days of Hatim Tai to Yeh Meri Life Hai to his recent stint in Babul Ka Aangann", expresses the actress.

"His eyes speak volumes, and this is one attribute in an actor that can take him places. I feel that the right place for Rahil to exhibit his talent will be Bollywood, as he is complete package for big screen", adds Shabana.

Ask her whether she would love to be cast with Rahil in a TV show, and she avers, "Why not??? I would love to work with him".

Even though she admires Rahil a lot, Shabana has not got an opportunity to meet the actor. "I have never met him, and since I am not a party person, I have not dashed into him anywhere. If I ever meet him in future, I really do not know how I will react. I think no words will come out of my mouth (blushes)".

On the work front, Shabana who played the daughter of Rajvansh family in Rajan Shahi's Sapna Babul Ka... Bidaai has been missing from the show, past few months.

"There is so much going around in Bidaai that I think the team does not have a proper and noticeable track for Dolly's comeback yet. However, I would love to get back to the family", quips Shabana.

The actress was also seen in SAB's comic show Main Kab Saas Banoongi. "I played a funny character there, but I think comedy is not my cup of tea. I am looking for a strong and different role and will wait till I get what I want", concludes the actress.

We really hope that Shabana does get a chance to meet her 'perfect' actor in the near future!!

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Rahil Azam

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Shabana Mullani

Comments (8)

Shabana is right. Rahil speaks from his volume. He is such a very good actor. Thats why i just love his work and himself!

15 years ago

I dont blame her, He has extremely great acting abilities, good looks and his work is always something different and unique, it really amazes me, excellent actor indeed.

15 years ago

somebody should tell Rahil about this...and we might have a jodi in the making! :)

15 years ago

Hahaha lolzzz !!
I also have the biggest crush on RAHIL AZAM WHEN I SAW him in HATIM !!
But wish her the best of luck to meet him soon !!

15 years ago

It was fun to watch her in Main Kab Saas Baungi. Wish her all the best for her future projects!!

15 years ago

So she''s not going to come back to Bidaai anytime soon???It''s about time they brought her ack coz it''s her brother whoz got married and she was missing from his marriage!!:S

15 years ago

Wuuu,lady got a big crush on him...hona bhi chahiye,he''s soo cute!

15 years ago

how cute
n who wouldnt have crush on him he is damn hawt

15 years ago

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