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Shaan loses his Shirt; Shankar remains cool

The ensuing drama only ascends in intensity in Star Plus’ Music Ka Maha Muqqabla…

Published: Saturday,Feb 20, 2010 18:04 PM GMT-07:00
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Shaan loses his Shirt; Shankar remains cool

With the advancement in the semi final Muqqabla of Star Plus'  Music Ka Maha Muqqabla the heat is growing. There's a visible amount of arguments and disagreements amongst the Mentors. Yes, we are talking about the tiff that is going on between Shaan and Shankar.

In the third Muqqabla between Shaan and Shankar, both of whom registered a win in their first match of the semi-finals. Winning this match can make their entry almost assured in the final.

Great performances came from both the teams. But the trouble started when Shankar came down to perform himself in two rounds because he wanted to win the match at any cost. This made Shaan very insecure and he said he is a very sour loser and does not like to lose at any cost.

His outburst of anger against Shankar's team shocked everyone. "I can also perform in every round and get 10 points in each round but this is a competition and all of us should follow the regulations" shouted Shaan.

Not only this Mika and Shaan also had a fight over the number game that is, when they gave points on performance. For this reason, when Rahul and Neeti from Shankar's team performed, Neeti skipped a word while she was singing and thankfully Rahul managed to cover up for her. In spite of the goof up when judges praised the performance, Shaan lost his temper.

Check out all the drama and fight on Music Ka Maha Muqqabla this Sunday, 21st of February at 9.30 pm on Star Plus.

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sahil_mujawar @sahil_mujawar 13 years ago they are good singers no doubt but not good human being.


If we see the show, you will come to know only shankar mahadeven is the fair person in all other are like begging votes.

If you have talent then lets judge audience why u r affraiding for loosing game.

And shaan and sreya always want public symphety to gain votes.

I think the host also supporting these two.

If You all see the report then u will come to knoe the reality.

So, its a request to star plus group to have fair show.
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Anu @AnuN 13 years ago @safeenafarheen, There is a big difference in Ameya and Shaan...

Ameya is just a participant and his outburst was against Himesh as he kept saying him same thing in all episodes..

But thats not the case with Shaan and you know what I am saying now.
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Anu @AnuN 13 years ago Shaan needs to learn some manners and needs to grow mature. This is not first time, he has acted silly. Even when Shaahid had come, and he just sung a line of song, Shaan made a big deal out of that.
I know Shankar did not do the best thing. But still, it was not against any rules.
And lastly, this is just a game. There is no need to it so personally. He is behaving as if some one took roti (As per Himesh .. another person who always acts disgusting) from his house...
Even worst happened with Ameya, that time he did not even open his mouth... If he is so much with right vs wrong, he should have stood against Himesh at that time..
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pari @preity.ness 13 years ago shaan is besttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
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reetr @reetr 13 years ago Extremely disappointing of Shankar's LOW BLOW in this match. If the competition is of the Captains then the other young singers should not be included in the game at all. Niti CLEARLY FORGOT the Lyrics to the song & even the article posted by STAR PLUS says " Niti skipped a word" CRAP! she FORGOT the Lyrics. When you forget your MATERIAL in ANY Competition- you do not get POINTS! DUET is with 2 singers, not one singer singing for both parts.
Shaan is 100% right & the other Judges are spineless.

Points given by the other 4 judges & Shanker's support of the nonsense as well as hil LOW BLOW strategy only goes to show that all 5 of them are SPINELESS Politicians- NOT TRUE ARTISTS!
We wish Mika would go away somewhere because he gives us Punjabis a bad name- digrace to our community.
Very proud of Shaan- don't lose yourself in this selfish & self-serving world. YOU ARE A TRUE MAN!!!! and we are proud to call you a fellow Indian.
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safeenafarheen @safeenafarheen 13 years ago shreya cool doesnt want to see the truth,dont support blindly we know wer shankarji wrong,shreya my fan wrong,wer shaan did justice..i aw u mostly u support shaan and shreya now,if shreya did wrong in judging means this not a way to support her..
Shaan rock,wat he did..
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Shreyacool @Shreyacool 13 years ago Shaans behaviour was totally unacceptable. First time i saw shaans such avatar. rahul & neeti song was better than debojit & anwesha altough there was a mistake but the performance was beautiful. I feel only shanker & shreya are good interms of behaviour, they should be in the finals! If shaan had a point he should have made it politely instead of making a mess!"agar shaan bhi aise behave karne lage toh usme aur himesh, mika main kya farak rahega!
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happysmile @happysmile 13 years ago none of those judges deserve to be in judges seat,, coz its acompetion not aperformance iif its 5mrks each rahul gets 5 but neeti deserves nothing ,she was trying to byhrt the lines by writing them on the hand, so she has not come prprd , atleast the audience were fair enough in cuttin of neetis 2.5 mrks.....shankar was desp to win, imagine challenging a little girl like anwesha...come on shankr winning by hook or crook is not music,,,,u hav belittled yourself,,, shaan shaanse raho,u hav endeared yourself to , as for shreya sucking up and mika doent des to ba e ajudge he cant giv full marks out of vengeance
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allforeternity @allforeternity 13 years ago Shankar was obviously worried of loosing which he clearly showed by jumping in himself for two rounds. When he was playin against a team which has always played fair and allowed all its participants to perform in every match (no matter they win or not), then such a behaviour from shankar was pathetic. Even seeing that shankar was gaining points unnecessarily, shaan did not once come out himself, instead more enthusiastically let his team go ahead.

When anwesha sang her solo so beautifully it was but obvious that she would have had better points from judges as well as audiences, and no contestant from shankar could have matched up. So shankar very cunningly came forward to sing. The advantage he got was that now anwesha's judges points would be scraped and audiences average will never turn out to be 10 for her.. so it was gain in all aspects for him. was this justified? NO..

Still shaan accepted the hunger with which shankar wanted to win and dint even remark to it and took it sportingly.... See More
Now for the big debatable question: Shaans anger towards the duet of neeti and rahul. Well to be rightly put, it wasn't anywhere near to being a duet . It was an undoubted solo performance of RAHUL.. Because the choice of song made it obvious that the female singer had only 15% to sing in it (forget the percentage, being more specific it was just 4 lines) and rest 85 percent was for the male counterpart. Which does not ring a "DUET" bell in any sense. And that girl who hardly gets any chance to sing in this show (right from the beginning)couldnt even mug up those 4 lines and so sweetly justifies herslef being blanked out. Did she have anything else to do the whole time other than sit and see others perform? What was wrong with her?

And our so called mentors. If they were so mesmerised by rahul's performance then they only points he deserved in it was out of 5 in a DUET round(not 10, cause the rest 5 points should be for the...
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safeenafarheen @safeenafarheen 13 years ago Some peoples dono anything incidence correctly,wen tabbu ,sarman present Debo asked to say about his love starting,bec its a valenties day special,for ur kind information,shaan had remeberd so many times about his father,he want to sing his father song based on classical which was he learning from his guru..off wat a thought shaan is now as participant ,if he did any respect for his father means wats wron in that..he had remind his father on chotte ustad,SRGMP days no offence pl..few people never see wat a incidence going on for only shaan..
first episode shaan vs himesh-shaan won counting mistake,cheating by himesh by changing the song list of aarpar round after seeing shaan;s medley that shaan will win..declared himmesh as winner..That mika vs shaan made tie bec Mika said he will quite music industry if he loss agin match from shaan..Shankar said bechara like arrogant words to mohit..But shaan is the only one who use to be with justice,not with injustice,and he dint used arrogant words to any judge as shankar did,himesh did,mika did..Shaan will support only justice never he will go with injustice..
Hatts off to u shaan..few peoples will say anything on u and ur contestant..if we think like that rahul doing lots of unneccesary cricket acting,propsint to shreya acting,aishwariya said about her father,this all incidence and many more happened befgo ore giing d marks..
God Bless u shaan..Go Shaan just Rock it..
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