Seema to put forth Vikram's proposal to the family

A lot of drama is instore for the viewers as Kunal considers Vikram to be a playboy...

After Rohit's true colours are out in the open, it has been a tensed phase for Raveena (Prerna Wanvari) in Colors' Parichay Nayee Zindagi Kay Sapno Ka. But a new twist awaits in the show which will see Seema (Aarti Singh) putting forth Vikram's proposal for Raveena.

A source discloses, "In the coming episodes, Seema will disclose to the family that Vikram loves Raveena and would like to marry her. But Kunal (Sameer Soni) who already considers Vikram a playboy doubts about the sincerity of his love. But Seema assures that his love is true as Vikram never lies to his sister and would never hurt his best friend Anant's (Saurabh Raj Jain) sister."

TellyBuzz tried to contact Aarti Singh to get a confirmation, but she remained unavailable for comments.

Will Kunal finally agree to Seema's proposal? Will they come to know about Rohit and Raveena's truth?

Let us wait and watch.

Reporter and Author: Saranya Valsarajan


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Alpha_Ka_Gamma 8 years ago wow love this show great cast love it frm mah heart..keep it up
TheRowdiest 8 years ago I love parichay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
muskaan96 8 years ago not lookin forward to this track. jus wen i thought sinal's relationship is going steady dumbo raveena starts acting dumb agen nd indirectly causes misunderstanding between them. this aint da first time therez been problems between sinal cuz of raveena2011-12-01 09:45:50
-MariaMars- 8 years ago thanks for the article.. Waiting for more articles from TB
Alpha_Ka_Gamma 8 years ago so mahaepisode will be focussed on Dumbeena and Vikram
JatinFan 8 years ago love this show!!! one of ekta's best show... TB plz give us more articles abt this show!!!!
kshah1371 8 years ago loving SINAL chemistry
parichay is an interesting show
hope the new track is good
Ovi_Tanni 8 years ago Thank you so much for this article Smile parichay is great show but wanna see SINAL SCENE more...and please if would love to see SINAL interview togather...please give us sinal interview or an article abt upcoming SINAL track...
-Rani 8 years ago Good serial, but bad tracks lately. We want to see more of Siddhi and Kunal Romantic tracks. Definitely do not want to see Richa and Raveena faces, they both are such a disgusting people.2011-11-30 13:06:04
-MariaMars- 8 years ago Thanks for the article.. Looking forward... Parichay is an awesome show.. Hope the makers concentrate more on SiNal
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