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Section 375 review- A classic court room drama that will be etched into your mind

Yet again Akshaye Khanna delivers a film worth investing/watching...


Section 375 revolves around the law of Indian penal code as it chalks the story of a young enthusiastic costume assistant accuses a filmmaker of a heinous crime of rape.

It's wicked how a single trial can be emphasized within loopholes of the law and how the laws can be mended for the defense to plan its escape. As the title suggests the film mainly focuses on trial related to rape and non-consensual sex. The drama carefully plots various possibilities of the scene and this heinous crime was committed. 

It noteworthy how low-budget films can do wonders over big-screen. 

Directed by Ajay Bahl, the film features quintessential use of space and resources which effectively charts the courtroom drama with all its power and the punchlines that conquer your attention with all its force. The well-crafted drama focuses on scripting which is a key element of any art. 

The director is definitely mindful of his art of scripting the sequences as it is quite difficult to map the common and silly errors which overshadow the whole film. But, thankfully Bahl managed to strangle the audience into his constantly evolving drama. 

The whole courtroom sequence has been featured with utmost elegance that is nowhere in comparison to the stupidity one has ever featured through the medium of cinema. 

Dialogues play a crucial role and as mentioned above the writer - Manish Gupta seems well revised with his literary knowledge. Right from the first dialogue to its last the film never loses its power and all thanks to well-written dialogues. 

There's hardly any loophole found in Akshaye Khanna's performance. The actor literally contours his expressions within split seconds and its hilarious how he stills manages to be underrated (not by choice but by Bollywood itself).

Richa Chadha is quite a miss-cast in this film. But, but she has been ubiquitous throughout this drama. She might not be the best choice but she was neither a bad choice and she has managed to pull-off her part without any hustle.

The film is worth all your time and money considering the apt dialogues and well-crafted courtroom sequences. If you wish to watch a sensible realistic drama of a courtroom.

(Ratings- 3.5/5)


Akshaye Khanna Richa Chadda Section 375 

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