Sayantani's partner leaves her in the lurch

Due to ego clashes, Kuldeep Dubey, Sayantani's partner in Comedy Circus 2 decided to walk out of the show. Does Sayantani get to remain on the show or not? Read to find out...

As we all know, drama and reality shows go hand in hand, and this time it is Sony’s Comedy Circus 2. This week’s elimination on Comedy Circus is the bong beauty Sayantani Ghosh and her stand-up comedian partner Kuldeep Dubey. However, the reason behind the team’s elimination was not due to scores, rather the ego clashes among the two.

The buzz around has been that Sayantani and Kuldeep did not gel with each another. Sayantani was clearly disappointed at being ousted from the show as the two of them were performing quite well, usually being among the top scorers. In response to her elimination, Sayantani says, “I was not eliminated from the show as a result of my performance. In fact, I chose to be eliminated from the show. I was given the option to stay back on the show but I felt it was very unfair to the rest of the participants.” To the queries about clashes between them, Sayantani replied, “I did have creative differences with Kuldeep but the last straw for me was when he did not turn up for the show. It was left to my fellow contestants to decide if I should be kept on the show or not and they were very considerate and said that I should not go out as it was no fault of mine".

Sayantani adds further, “I did not have a partner with me, so it did not make any sense in me staying back on the show, so I chose to leave. Moreover, if I did not get eliminated, someone else would have; which is very unfair to the rest of the contestants. In spite of them scoring low or high marks, they performed well. So I think the best thing was for me to get ousted from the show.”

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thats not fair she shouldnt have gone i know she choose and it very kind of her to go so one of the others didnt but still its not her fault at least she was professial enough to turn up

16 years ago

Its extremely disheartening tht sayantani is required to leave show in such manner.

I wish tht she wl get another opprtunity in such shows can show her talent and explore new sides of her

16 years ago

kuldeep was amazing and onscreen chemistry was so good...cant beli..eve this,,,sad for comedy circus

16 years ago

That is not fair. They were doing very good. I lived them in last 2 episodes.

16 years ago

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