'Save Sanjeevani Concert' in Dill Mill Gayye

The interns leave no stone unturned to save Sanjeevani from financial crunch...

Published: Tuesday,Dec 23, 2008 17:58 PM GMT-07:00
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‘When the going gets tough the tough gets going’, this popular adage has been adopted by the interns at Sanjeevani hospital in Star One's Dill Mill Gayye. Yet another challenge poses itself in the life of the interns! Leaving no stone unturned to save Sanjeevani from financial crunch, the interns have placed all their hopes on one last resort; ‘The Save Sanjeevani Concert’. Through this concert, the interns intend to raise money so as to pay off the accrued debt of 24 lakhs through ticket sales, as incurred by the charitable patients for their continuing treatment.

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Comprising of a series of 4 songs and dance sequences, all the interns are geared up to put their best foot forward to save Sanjeevani at any cost! However, the Concert is not going to be a cakewalk for the interns! A few minutes before the performance, Dr. Rahul gets a message about his father being seriously ill putting him in two minds about performing for the concert. There are also beautiful moments around the concert when Dr. Shubhankar makes an attempt to confess his love to Dr. Keerti. Meanwhile Dr. Abhimanyu and Dr. Riddhima have a tiff while rehearsing for the concert and Dr. Abhimanyu walks away at the last moment refusing to participate!!

Needless to say, the interns manage to put up a fabulous concert in spite of all the action, mishaps, injuries, trying moments happening backstage. With loads of Fun, masti and foot-tapping music, the concert will feature each of the interns in their trade mark style! Atul, whose dancing skills come as a surprise package performs with Anjali, Shubhankar with Keerti and Rahul with Muskaan on the song ‘Jhoom Barabar Jhoom’ and is widely appreciated by the audiences. An injured Dr. Armaan saves the day for the interns by pitching into the act at the last moment leaving everyone breathless with his performance on ‘Tumse Hi’ with Nikita.

Keeping the entertainment level high, in the final song sequence all the interns in a group jive to the song “Chak de”. The entire concert displays the solidarity between the interns and highlights the larger cause for which the concert has taken place.

Will Dr. Abhimanyu Modi come back to support the interns in their cause? Will the efforts of interns be fruitful to save Sanjivani from the financial crunch?

Watch out for the unlimited fun & hungama from, December 24, at 8:30 pm only on Star One!


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Senoritaaa 9 years ago missing dmg alot kya majha tha dmg main
Love u dmg gang
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falak298 14 years ago yyyy nikita i mean helllooooo abhi leaves ridz free u can stand so y nt dance with ridz gosh i feel giving armaan a smak across the head
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123abc123 14 years ago eww not nikita n arman why r dey gna make us suffer
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MADHUR 14 years ago no i don''t like arman & nikita jodi
i will like to arman & ridhima couple dance
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lubaba ali
lubaba ali 14 years ago ohh no yaar i want 2 c ridz and army..
aisa oho nahe sakta arman ridhima kay sath kuch to zaroor peroform kary ga
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mjht rox !!
mjht rox !! 14 years ago m really lukin forward 2 dese performances..cant wait for 2day''s episode..
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shizajaved 14 years ago ohh mann i wanted it to be armaan-riddhimaaa! not armaan-nikita =((
but neways lukin fwd to all the performances. Exxccciiteeeeed*!!
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-Aishwarya- 14 years ago how can it be armaan and nikita?? the pic is of armi ridz
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-Afreen- 14 years ago why nikita..it shd be riddhima wid armaan!!
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-Cherry- 14 years ago Crap
Armaan and Nikki
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