Satish Kaushik uses Femme Power to promote film

Director Satish Kaushik uses the platform of Zee TV’s all ladies show ‘Hasne Hasane Ka Tonic - Ladies Special’, to extend his latest movie’s message.

Satish Kaushik director of Tere Sang, the story of an unwed teenage mother, makes a guest appearance on Zee TV's standing comedy show Ladies Special.
Says our source,"Since 'Tere Sang' deals with the delicate topic of teenage pregnancy, Mr. Kaushik thought that this show in which only women run the show and which projects women power, is the best medium to take the message across. He felt an intense need to educate our women on this particular topic and that's what motivated him to make the film."

Our source adds, "Mr. Kuashik highlighted the fact that today's life being so fast paced, we all should be aware that conceiving before the age of 16 years has not just legal implications but also physical and mental ones."

Satish had an enjoyable time on the sets of Ladies Special. Says the source, "Satish appreciated the acts put together by the contestants and indicated that this is the first time on Indian television, that women have showcased such outstanding skills in comedy. Satish also found the humor displayed on the show completely out-of-the-box."

We hope the message truly gets across to the masses.


Satish Kaushik Hasne Aur Hasaane Ka Tonic... Ladies Special  Zee TV 

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suruchi123 11 years ago That film will be a flop.....whatever he does,it will flop..
preeti-94 12 years ago awesome movie
i love sahid character in the movie
namrita_434 12 years ago nice movie shahid was looking cool.loved the movie
dhruviarmaanfan 12 years ago hey its nice movie n shahid is damn cool, if u have nt seen hte movie plz watch it. I suggest u to watch it
Bolly*_Crazed 12 years ago i think its a good movie havent seen it, but i know ill like it
xsimzxchickx 12 years ago omg thats so deep ! its a good movie tho! love shahid n manoj init!
Super Kool
Super Kool 12 years ago thanx. Due to such situations public suffer.
radhika_21 12 years ago thanx
kismat konnection is an okay movie... not bad
~*puja*~ 12 years ago thanks... that sux for Kismat Konnection!
babii.girl 12 years ago omg...
bbut w/ee i hear its styll doing well
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