Sasural Simar Ka actress Jyotsana Chandola delivers a baby boy, says hypnobirthing helped her a lot

In an exclusive chat with India Forums, Jyotsana revealed about delivering a baby with the help of hypno birth method

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Good news for all Jyotsana Chandola fans!

The Sasural Simar Ka actress has been blessed with a baby boy. The actress gave some major fitness goals amidst her pregnancy period. The actress also went through a difficult time as she lost her father months after conceiving. However, Jyotsana had informed her father about her pregnancy on November 14th and seeked his blessings. Mr. Chandola passed away on 17th of November 2021.

Well, now, it seems happiness is back in the actress’s life as she has welcomed her bundle of joy. Jyotsana delivered a baby boy on 26th of June 2021. 

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In an exclusive chat with India Forums, Jyotsana said, “We welcomed the baby last Saturday and it was a normal delivery. I was quite hesitant about the normal delivery but my gynecologist motivated me to try it out and I started several meditations and workouts. I took the help of hypno birthing. My labor room had speakers, lavender essence, I was walking, squatting and meditating. I never knew such a technique existed. Hypno birthing is basically letting your mind think that you are a lot more than the labor pain. It’s just training your mind to brave through the pains. It was very beautiful and an amazing experience. I was always this impatient person all my life but these 9 months, I was totally transformed into a calm and composed person. I believe, I got a lot of strength from my father as I think is only sending strength to me from upwards”.

She added, “My mother saw a dream that my father is returning one day before I delivered. It was like a sign and beautiful coincidence. We’ve decided to call our baby ‘Joni’ (culmination of Jyotsana and Nitesh). I am truly blessed and loving the new chapter of my life as a mother”.

Here’s wishing Jyotsana and Nitesh a heartiest congratulations!

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