Sasural Simar Ka 2's Akash Jagga: Judging an actor's caliber on basis of followers has created problems

Actor Akash Jagga, who is currently playing the role of Gagan in Sasural Simar Ka 2 spoke to India Forums about the trend on social media followers dictating an actor's talent.

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In a little more than a decade, the impact of social media has extended from being an entertainment extra to a fully integrated part of nearly every aspect of our lives, no matter how petty these aspects might be. Social media has evolved from a handy medium of social networking to being used for seeking validation from others. 

Actor Akash Jagga, who is currently playing the role of Gagan in Sasural Simar Ka 2, has a contrary opinion as he feels social media just being a paramount source of communication. On being asked about the same, Akash says, "Social media is that one universal platform where actors engage in sharing contents or making reels, but now the scenario has levelled up where people share an innate drive to judge actors on the basis of their social media followers. Now it's easy to conflate likes and followers as the true signs of validation. Sometimes the peer pressure of actively participating in social media activities goes to an extent where people might face a backlash from their teammates or colleagues for not being a flagbearer of social media popularity, if they have a poor number of social media followers."

Adding to the same, he says, "Judging an actor's caliber and their willingness to establish themselves in the entertainment industry just on the basis of their social media followers, has created enormous problems for those newcomers and other good existing actors who aren't active on social media platforms. For many projects, the makers prefer actors with a higher number of followers on social media because they already have created a digital base for themselves. It's not wrong because the main motto of a maker is to make their projects successful and earn higher revenue, but it's a disadvantage for artists with poor following."

Lastly, he concludes by saying, "Joining social media forcibly due to the peer pressure put on actors, isn't something that's going to change anytime soon. We should find a way to deal with this problem."

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