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Chetan Hansraj..the good-looking bad boy of Indian television. Tall, fair & handsome..and an actor who gave the word 'villian', a style & aura unmatched. Love him or hate him..you just can't ignore him. Telly Buzz caught up with Chetan Hansraj for a quick round of hypothetical 'If I Was'.. Read on, to find out what he had to say..
If I was to lock one television personality in the Big Boss house, it would be : Me, because I would like to see what I go thro there.

If I was to pick one show on television that should have ended a while ago, would be : Kaajal

If I was to change a bad habit of mine, it would be : Stop smoking

If I was to take a Hollywood personality for a date, it would be : Angelina Jolie

If I was to get back into the skin of a character again, it would be : Sasha in Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki

If you were to start a serial of your own , the title would be : Phir Se Wahi Kahaani. I will not act in this, will make others act. It will be a spoof on television shows.

If I was given super powers like Krish, the first thing I would do is : I would be super!! I will start beating up all the other tv stars..

If I was to give a make over to a television personality, it would be : All of them need a makeover.

If I was to give the title - the worst movie of the year, it would go to : Jhoom Baraabar Jhoom

If I was to give an acting tip to a television personality, it would be : Well, I cannot name the stars. They will get offended. But, I would surely like to tell them, to stop overacting.

Some really up'beat' answers there.. a sense of humour & style, synonymous with the name - Chetan Hansraj! Stay tuned to Telly Buzz, to find out more about your favourite stars and their 'IF I WAS'..

Reporter : Srividya Rajesh
Author : Ekta
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Chippeshwini 2007-10-25T08:25:10Z aw man, he said something new :D lol I liked this interview
Rocky !
Rocky ! 2007-10-11T22:53:49Z atleast he was honest and didnt go humming and hawing..keep it up chetan
shezeenk 2007-10-07T03:42:04Z THANKXX 4 d article ...;)
he s hottieee n naughtiee .... :)

he played a very gud charactr in KGGK as shasha .....
mind blowing acting ...
desigrl27 2007-10-03T15:25:27Z LOLZZZZZ FUNNYYYYYYYYYY luv this dude...OMG IN KyPH rerunz...hez dying tomorrow :(
ritzy2ritz 2007-10-03T00:41:11Z thanks ...he seems conceited...
hes cool tho
anku2cute 2007-10-02T03:31:23Z Thanks..He surely is like u knw very smart...haha...i mean smart answers..lol
maha786 2007-09-29T21:52:29Z there sasha sure has some guts yaar he is kool and surely i wud luv to hate him again in kggk as sasha u know kill me
~*puja*~ 2007-09-29T10:56:02Z Very funny and interesting answers from Sasha...
tumhari? 2007-09-29T09:48:04Z agree with him kajjal needs to endddd alreadyy thnx
knumnum 2007-09-29T00:19:23Z he starts beating other tv stars if he becomes Krisshhhh.. tat was hillarious...

And I agree with his comment on Jhhom barabar Jhoom, definitely one of the over rated movies

Thanks so much darlings for the articles
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