Sarika to begin her college life in Beendh Banunga.

Sarika will eventually convince Santosh and will start going to college in the Imagine show..

Sarika (Jayashree Venketaramanan) the protagonist of Imagine's Beendh Banunga Ghodi Chadhunga will finally fulfill her dream of going to the medical college to pursue a career in medicine.

As per the present story line, Jay (Anuj Thakur) is trying his best to convince his mother Santosh (Nausheen Ali Sardar) to allow Sarika to study. He has only four days to do so, as after the time period, Sarika will not be eligible to attend the college.

In the coming week, Sarika will succeed in persuading Santosh to allow her to study.

A little birdie tells us, "The way Sarika convinces Santosh is very interesting. Santosh will be forced to allow her daughter-in-law to venture out of home for studies. However, she will lay her conditions which means that Sarika will have to shoulder her responsibilities at home, and then attend college".

We also hear that Sarika will have new problems to face in college too.

We tried contacting Jayshree, but she was unavailable.

Producer S. Farhan told us, "Yes, Sarika will now have to balance between her house and college".

This track will be on air from next week..

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh


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blyton 9 years ago Good for Sarika...and yayy for Dadima, Jai and Santosh for taking her side finally.
.Vrish. 9 years ago To Rehan: I will be a hubby, I will ride a horse!

On the subject, hope Sarika ain't made to wear her ghunghat to college.
Sophia21 9 years ago Aww dats gr8 for sarika.. But I kno Shikha will start chattin more n more rubbish.. Hate when dat woman starts talkin.. she spits pure venom!
Healer. 9 years ago lets see how things become normal btw sarika and jai
harshfan0068 9 years ago thats gud but now
sarika will have 2 face lot of problms...
Yuvika_15 9 years ago i knw this wud happen...the amu illness track was hinting towards the family changing their minds
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