Sargun Mehta shares a similarity on casting Priyanka Choudhary for ‘Udaariyaan’ & Neha Rana for ‘Junooniyatt'

Sargun Mehta, the producer of Colors’ show ‘Junooniyat’ talks about the story behind casting the lead trio for the show and more.

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Priyanka, Sargun and Neha

Colors’ newly launched show ‘Junooniyatt’ is getting all the love. The first few episodes looked promising and audiences are eagerly waiting to see Jahaan, Elahi and Jordan start their new journey to win a musical competition. The trio has different motives to win the competition but one thing that remains constant is their ‘junoon’ for music.

India Forums got in touch with the producer of the show Sargun Mehta and asked her about the show and the expectations that people are having from it. She quipped, “I understand that there’s a lot of expectation from the show and our team is working extremely hard to narrate a beautiful story and expecting that the audiences will accept the show with open arms”.

We asked Sargun about story behind casting Ankit Gupta, Gautam Vig and Neha Rana for the show. She said, “Well, I’d started writing for this show while we planned a leap in ‘Udaariyaan’ and when I was writing the character of ‘Jahaan’, Ankit came to my mind and I wanted him as Jahaan. By that time, there were a lot of things to be considered and I wasn’t sure how things would pan out but I was certain that Ankit will be apt choice for the role”.

“Talking about Neha as Elahi, I saw her audition and within a few seconds, I was convinced that she is Elahi. Similar thing happened to me while casting Priyanka Choudhary for ‘Udaariyaan’. I merely saw 14 seconds of her audition and knew that she is our Tejo. Coming back to Neha, She has a spark in her. She is very innocent and is raw and that’s what I was looking out for in an actress who would bag the part. However, we did a lot of auditions and later I told my team that we wouldn’t get a better Elahi than Neha and we zeroed upon her”, she added.

She further added, “Gautam had auditioned with us for ‘Udaariyaan’ but things didn’t work out. While I was writing Jordan’s character, I was certain that he would have long curly hair and if you look at Gautam, he fits the bill completely”.

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Everyone knows how you made Fateh cheat and Tejo took him back.

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