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Sanjit Bedi and Parivaa Pranati enter Virrudh!!

Virrudh the power-packed serial with great performers now adds two more new entries in its cast. Read on for details!!


The serial mostly packed with Drama, Emotions and Gripping Dialogues will now venture into fresh and some soothing romance... The siblings of Vasudha, Vedant and Shreya will have a new twist in their life as they fall in love... Life looks even more beautiful for them with the entry of Sandhya and Siddhart.

Sandhya, the love interest of Vedant is played by Parivaa Pranati who plays a simple middle class, marathi girl. She works at the Raisinghania textile mills and is highly idealistic and strong headed - just like her father who's the union leader at the Raisinghania textile mill. She has been brought up by her father alone. She has her own set of principles that she lives by. In Vedant's hour of need, when he starts facing immense problems in business, she will come out to be the only source of support that he has and thus a bond will get created between the two, which will gradually become stronger...We caught up with Parivaa and questioned her about how she feels about entering Virrudh ,"I am so glad that I am working for Virrudh, 80% of the shows today are so similar, and Virrudh is something different. And I am lucky to be a part of it". When asked about her other shows, Parivaa replied, "I am not coming back in Bhabie, I am not there in Prithvi Raj Chauhan right now, but I'll continue with Saathi Re"

Now moving to Siddharth who will come as a breath of fresh air into Shreya's life. After bagging versatile roles like doctor Omi in Sanjeevani, a lawyer in Kasauti, a hooligan in Thodi si Zameen Thoda Sa Aasmaan, Sanjit is now playing a rich business tycoon named Siddhart, in Smirit Irani's Virrudh. Siddhart plays the love interest for Shreya, who meets her when she runs away from home due to the recent roller coaster of events that happen in the Raisinghania family. Sanjit remained unavailable for the comment.

Reporter: Hiral Anju Bhatt
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**sanya** 2007-08-31T11:52:37Z aww thts sad
hope he gets bailed soon
maha786 2007-08-30T14:19:59Z i wish sallu is out in no time and hopefully is freed frm this nonsense case plz guys do pray for him he is a nice guy
Mrs.SalmanKhan 2007-08-27T23:13:12Z Salman better come out soon :@
Media is just jelouse of him .. ughh
Neetusxm 2007-08-27T19:47:45Z sallu and his contacts are sure he will be out in no time
Vandu4ever 2007-08-27T16:27:27Z so saddddd
hope Sallu will release soon :cryinggggg:
kimmu 2007-08-27T07:52:45Z ope he gets out sooner, because i really want to watch om shanti om lol
angel00 2007-08-27T06:59:03Z sallu rocked in the movie partner now i want him to come out of jail so i can c more cool movies of him!
angels_eyes 2007-08-27T06:42:12Z i really hope he gets out soon so that he can complete those incomplete movies
Jaslove 2007-07-05T14:30:14Z wow the show is sure getting interesting:)


destinyz 2007-07-05T07:38:06Z i like this show... and sanjit and pariva r gud actors... but then so r all the ppl in virudh!
it should b fun..pariva is already there... waiting for sanjit
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