Sanjay Nirupam files a complaint against COLORS?

The news abuzz is that Sanjay Nirupam has filed a complaint against COLORS, and this comes soon after the politician coming out in open about the inmates in Bigg Boss using foul language...

Sanjay Nirupam’s main aim in entering the Bigg Boss house was to interact with people coming from all walks of life. After getting evicted in the very first week, the politician got yet another chance from the channel to get into the house as Wild card.

But to the astonishment of all, Sanjay refused to get into the house again, as he felt that the inmates used lot of foul language/derogatory comments on one another.

According to our source, “The channel COLORS asked Sanjay to give it in written that he refused to enter as Wild Card in Bigg Boss. This angered him much more and he along with his youth Congress members filed a complaint against the channel”.

It is also heard that there is high security put up at the office of COLORS in Mumbai to avoid any sort of disturbance.

Well, we hope the issue is sorted out amicably between them!!

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Sanjay Nirupam

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hahaha....u hv done sumthing good sanjay nirupam...
bigg boss is no longer a family show...
its gettinf vulgar n vulgar day by day...
the previous bigg boss wuz good....

15 years ago

this BB is full of faltoo stuff ..all the members trying to fake..all crap!!

15 years ago

He should be glad, that there wasn't much of skin show, and foul language that is used in international version of the same show. and this is reality show, if Raja, Ashu and Sam curses in real life, then why can't they do the same in the show, this is a reality show where u are in your own skin, and not fake like payal, rahul and Zulfi. and Sanjay should off watched the Big Brother of other countries, he should be glad that he didn't go through same.

15 years ago

I think BB1 was much more better to watch than season 2

15 years ago

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