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"Sanjay Leela Bhansali was so Magnetic": Aneesha Joshi recalls being on the sets of Padmaavat

Aneesha Joshi opens up about how lockdown has affected her, theatrical vs digital releases, her skincare routine and her love for Rajkummar Rao...

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Aneesha Joshi, the Indian - American actor and dancer known for her Indian and international projects like Junooniyat (2016), Padmaavat (2018), Simran (2017) and Heartbeats directed by Duane Adler wherein she played the lead actor, is currently at home and making the most of the lockdown period.

While keeping herself occupied with the activities at home, Aneesha took sometime off and connected with us over the call for a quick interview.

Excerpts from her interview:

Speaking of the lockdown, how has it affected you on professional perspective?

The lockdown for me, along with many others in the entertainment industry, has been a trying time. We are not sure when we are able to return to sets as they naturally create a crowd of people, and the inability to wear masks on screen goes without saying. I’m hoping that we can all return to work safely and continue our work without jeopardizing anyone’s health soon!

Aneesha Joshi

Courtesy : Aneesha Joshi

With the Coronavirus pandemic bringing the world to a stand still, movies have been shifted to digital release, so what are your thought about the theatrical vs digital releases?

I think that digital releases are a wonderful way to continue to connect to and entertain an audience in these trying times. While I believe the cinematic experience is not one to be replaced, for the time being at least we are able to enjoy some wonderful works of art from the comfort of our home!

Speaking of your character in Padmaavat, even though it was a brief role, how was it working with Sanjay Leela Bhansali and being on the sets?

Sanjay Leela Bhansali was so magnetic. His presence was truly electric and I was quite intimidated at first. Soon thereafter I was just taken aback by the level of attention to detail and magnificent aesthetic he possesses. Truly one of the most crazy experiences of my life.

Aneesha Joshi

Courtesy : Aneesha Joshi

Any favorites among the Bollywood actors? Or someone you want to share screen space with?

One of my absolute biggest dreams would be to work with Rajkumar Rao. I find him to be so awe inspiring on screen.

We saw your social media profile, it's quite happening and you do talk a lot about skincare, any special routine you'd like to talk about?

My skincare routine is a question I get asked often because I’m such a skincare freak! To be honest there’s no real quick run through, I take my time and research many different projects and techniques, as well as get some really nourishing treatments from time to time. However I will say I’m really obsessed with Korean skincare products and I ADORE the ten step routine!


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