Sangam to go off air!!

Sangam, the Star Plus show will be shutting shop in the first week of March..

Sangam, FOX Productions' show on Star Plus has been on the 'Hit List' for quite sometime now with reports floating that the show might go off air in the near future!!

The show had taken an eight year leap few weeks back, and was on road to a fresh story with few new characters introduced. However, there seems to be a setback to the plans, as the latest development is that Sangam will go off air very soon!

A very reliable source told us that, "There have been talks going on about Sangam wrapping up. We got to know of this on Saturday, and the actors have also been informed of this. However, the decision was taken today, and the channel wants to end the show in the first week of March".

"Sangam has been in the 'Hit List' for sure. But our TRP's have raised post the leap that was taken few weeks back. We have a good storyline coming but we don't know why, without any reason the channel is trying to close our show down. We now need to revise the story and end it accordingly", verbalizes our source.

The cast of the show includes Chaitanya Chaudhury, Jennifer Winget, Khushi Dubey...

We tried calling and texting Keertan Adhyantaya, GM and EVP, Star Plus for a confirmation, but we did not get any response from him.

Well, this is a sad news for fans of Sangam!!

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Jennifer Winget

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Khushi Dubey

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Comments (51)

Hate the channel for making my sangam end without even giving the required time. I want to see jenni-chaitanya onscreen them a lot.

14 years ago

I used to watch sangam every day. it''s really sad. that show was wonderful and very interesting. I like chaitanya''s acting. I miss that. anyway keep our fingers crossed.

15 years ago

I am very upset that Sangam is off air. This was my number 1 show especially now when the strory moved to a better track. I loved it and the kids were so much fun...BRING THE SHOW BACK!!!!!!!!! PLEASE.

15 years ago

i am sure lest 2month they does did very will
i even don''t like that show yes few month but aft lap that show become good please don''t end that show if u want end so en KDHMD or KPLS they two show is all the time make me cry end tha hsow now

15 years ago

Why the hell Sangam is going off air? Its one of my favorite shows. I only get to see Jennifer in Sangam. Hope it will end but in next year''s March or next to next. I just wish that if its going off air then Jennifer would come in another show!!

15 years ago

Am feeling soo bad for Sangam aswel as Jenni n Chaitu..They gonna be jobless and i''m gonna miss them on screen..Gonna hafta wait for them to enter in something else. Sangam was getting intresting after they took the leap but now it just takes the piss with the news of ending it. I just wish all these are just pointless rumours. Inshallah they are! =[

15 years ago

I have to agree.. for now these are the shows that reaally need to end... Kayamat, Kasturi, Karam Apna Apna...the story lines for these shows are getting boring...

15 years ago

It is so beautiful with a lot of scope. There are no plastic surgeries and other banalities. the heroine is lovely and the child stars are cute. End Kayamat, Kasturi, Karam Apna Apna instead.

15 years ago

i loved the fact that its finally goin off air

15 years ago

*shilpa*karan* i agree with you. its definatley not as boring as thm three. i thought it was getting more interesting. i wonder why thy r ending it. oh wl i hp it ends in a good and in a right way. nt lke kahani whch ended in a clf hanger!

15 years ago

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