'Sambhavna's rude comment ignited the fire in me' - Roshni Chopra

The first ever Desi Girl of Imagine TV, Roshni Chopra in a frank chat with Tellybuzz…

Roshni Chopra who has been crowned as Imagine TV's Desi Girl shares her pleasant as well as depressing moments of her first reality show in a chirpy converse…

What was your first feeling after winning the title?
I was shocked, overwhelmed by the thought that I won the title by majority votes. Initially, I was a bit doubtful when they were showing the voting graph on a timely basis, but when I was declared as the 'Desi Girl' I felt as if it was the outcome of my honesty and simplicity.

So what has changed after the victory?
Every artist looks for recognition and that's what I have acquired and I sense it to be equal to 100 awards because our aim was to gain the trust of villagers i.e. the common man and I'm happy that I could achieve that.

How has your journey been in Desi Girl?
Amazing on many levels as whilst I entered the show I never desired to win. I wasn't that aggressive while performing tasks either; I hardly won any in the nascent stage as my basic intent was to experience the simple village life and I have enjoyed it thoroughly.

It was only after Sambhavna Seth challenged me that I'm not worth being a part of the show that I garnered all my courage as this statement hurt me a lot. It basically ignited a fire in me and that is when I decided to prove her wrong. In the finale my hard work did pay off as I was the contender who had won the maximum tasks amongst the 3 finalists.

Mention one thing that you really liked, and one thing that disgusted you?
One thing that I liked is undoubtedly the Simplicity and Innocence among the villagers. I just loved staring at the clear sky in the night.

And I feel planning and nomination was the most disgusting part of the show.

What is your learning experience from the show?
I sense after spending time with all the weird insects, darkness and much more, I have come out as a fearless person and no more hold any kind of anxiety. I have grown from a delicate, sensitive girl to a more bold woman.

How much Desi is Roshni Chopra in real life?
To be frank I appear to be very modern in outlook but very Desi in values, like looking after my parents and just being natural to an extent that I can be.

I'm even working on a project to spread a social message through television. It's under process and I'm sure it's going to be damn exciting. It is my way to pay back to the society.

One thing you feel that made your victory happen?
I sense it's actually two things, firstly Kashmera Shah who always looked after me. As it was my first reality show it was she who really helped me out throughout the show.

Secondly Sambhavna's rude statements just ignited that fire within me to work towards the title. So, both of them have been instrumental in me achieving this victory.

Whom would you regard as your best friend and Be- friend on the show?
Undoubtedly Kashmera Shah has been the best friend and there was no one as a be friend but according to my retrospect I didn't expect Anmol to do so much of back bitching because she was a very good friend, so that came as a  shocker.

After your victory one of your fellow contestants asserted to the media that this was her worst reality show experience and many of the rules mentioned in the contract were violated. So what's your take on that?
I know who has said that, so the only thing I could say is I don't wish to talk about the allegations but surely I would comment, lose gracefully than making wrong allegations.

The Best compliment you received after winning the title?
I have received innumerable compliments on various social networking sites. But I was extremely touched when the two young girls whom we had adopted during the show wished to live with me forever leaving their parents. That was the sweetest for me.

Reporter & Author: Pooja Shenoy.


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Comments (25)

I just watched the final in the UK and although I knew Roshni had won earlier - watching the show made me more annoyed because she did not deserve it. She is fake – her smile, the look in her eyes and choice of words, I don't think she has been herself on the show but just wants to look good in front of everyone. She should be a politician! I think the people from the village all liked her appearance and that's why she got the votes .

Kashmera Shah - She did so well. She was herself throughout the show. She was funny, a leader and direct to the point and she didn't try and please people but was her natural self and from what her friend said about her she obviously learnt a lot from being in the village. She should have been 'desi gal'

13 years ago

sucha stupid show! nd d most non-deserving won it too !!

rakhi sawant is better than her.

see the interview itself.. wt she s tryin 2 do.. she knows it well dat sambhavna and kashmera does nt share a gd relationship.. so to make dat thing stronger .. she just went on blabbering about kash as her friend.

so fake roshhhnii .. hope kash s nt as dumb as d gaavwalas!!

13 years ago

roshnii... i never ever thot dat u r like dis!!! i liked her in kasam se and she was a good host in chak de bachhe too.

bt desi girl.. revealed ur real face... liar... naatakbaaz ... FAKIST ROSHNI
<br/>u broke anmol's trust.. cheated and voted out her... and nw saying dat anmol ws backbitching...?> ohh plzzz stop it roshni... u r nt in maajri and we are nt d dumb villagers too... so plz stop ur drama.<br/>yes.. she fooled all the stupid gaavwaalas n won d crown !!

u r nt DESI GIRL .. u r "FAKEY GIRL"

dirty b***** !!

cant even xplain in words/.. hw much i hate u after dis show!!

13 years ago

All the three finalists were deserving but I am very happy she won.

13 years ago

I was also shocked dear..when i heard your name....and when you won the title of desi girl...you didnt deserve to win...Monica and Kash deserved to win the title of desi girl...i agree with @Angle x

13 years ago

I am happy that she won!!!!!

13 years ago


13 years ago

She didn't deserve to win!! She was the fakest contestant and she has lied all throughout that interview!!!!

Looks like they give the crown away to anyone nowadays.. i don't understand in which basis she won!!!

Monica was the BEST!!

13 years ago

am sooooooo happy that she won she sooo deserves it anmols bk bitching was annoying a mean she didnt say anything positive bout any of the other 7 contestants. the voting system was set sooo wrongly wich made the contestants vote someone even if they didnt want to in order to save themselves. still soooo glad roshni won!!

13 years ago

"And I feel planning and nomination was the most disgusting part of the show."

Well, perhaps she ought not to have done it herself?

Congrats to her, but honestly speaking, I wouldn't crown her 'Desi Girl.'

13 years ago

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