Sambhav Kya? - A promising new show on 9X

9X launches a new show ‘Sambhav Kya?’, produced and hosted by Siddharth Kak which deals with issues that have been puzzling mankind since centuries.

9X – the popular Hindi General Entertainment Channel from INX Media is all geared up to launch a unique show titled 'SAMBHAV KYA?', based on true incidents that deals with the unknown experience which we can feel but cannot put a finger on to identify. Starting 31st August 2009 every Monday to Thursday at 8.30pm and 10.30pm, viewers will watch some of India's most fascinating mystic stories only on 9X.

Telly Buzz got in touch with Siddharth Kak, the Producer and Host of the show..

Siddharth tells us, "Sambhav Kya is a show that deals with all things unexplained. Science tells us how it happens. But it never answers 'why' it happens. Sambhav Kya deals with this aspect. The topics are wide including myths, legends, dreams as well as ghosts. It is an attempt to make people realize, in the present mechanical world, that life is all about looking beyond. More than what you can see or already know."

Sidddharth explains to us the various issues that have been dealt with. He says, "There is this magical kund in Chittodgadh where a lot of satis have taken place. Even today it is said that there are a lot of negative reverberations discharged by the place. We will talk to people who have experienced it and have a discussion, not reach a solution for it, mind you, but a discussion over the authenticity of claims and if genuine as to why it happens."

The passion about the show is clearly evident in him as Siddharth further explains, "The show will feature Astral Travel- the phenomenon where a person can be at two places at the same time. Then there is Pyrokinesis – the psychic ability to control, ignite and extinguish fire. In Situ, is an occurring medical phenomenon where one embryo eats the other embryo. Doctors have never been able to explain why this takes place."

When questioned about Iqbal Khan who was slated to host the show before the strike happened, Siddharth said "Iqbal was supposed to host another version of the show. It was an entertaining form of Sambhav Kya. It comprised more of story telling, whereas in the present format of the show, we would be providing more of the facts. The difference is in the amount of truth and evidential support. Since this is more of a serious nature I took over the hosting."

"Sambhav Kya deals with all things that excite your imagination, things that make you realize that life is amazing," Siddharth signs off.

The show will be launched on 31st August at 8:30 pm and 10.30 pm on 9X.

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose

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is dere any new show on air in 9x i feel either the channel shuld go off air or else they shuld talk with ekta and start shows like remake of kuchh kuchh hota hain or fanna ,jab we met

14 years ago

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