Samarth Jurel's close friend rubbishes the news of Isha Malviya's mother being unaware of her relationship

Bigg Boss 17's Samarth Jurel's close friend comments on Isha Malviya's mother stating that she was unfamiliar about her relationship with the actor.

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In a shocking turn of events, we've exclusively learnt about the alleged lies of Isha Malviya's mother. It all started when Isha's Udaariyaan co-star, Lokesh Batta, made a statement claiming that Isha's mother being unfamiliar with Isha and Samarth's relationship. However, Samarth Jurel's close friend has now revealed something that suggests otherwise.

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The entire world now knows about Isha and Samarth being in a relationship for quite some time. However, Isha's mother has consistently denied these claims, even going as far as spreading false information through her daughter's co-star. But now, Samarth Jurel's close friend who has refused to name himself has decided to set the records straight by stating "Isha's mother was very well aware about their relationship. She was constantly in touch with Samarth right from the day when she learnt about their relationship. She even begged Samarth to not go inside the house as it would hamper her daughter's image. But right now she has hit another low by making someone else lie. She even tried to blackmail him by saying that she will harm herself if he reveals on the show that he is Isha's current boyfriend"

As news of this controversy spreads, fans of both Isha Malviya and Samarth Jurel have expressed their shock and disappointment. Many are demanding an explanation from Isha's mother and questioning her motives behind spreading false information.

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