Salman shows his Dum in Waar Parriwar..

Come Wednesday, June 18th, Salman Khan will be seen in Sony's musical reality show Waar Parriwar...


An entertainer par excellence, Sallu mia who recently made his television debut with 10 Ka Dum seems to be enjoying all the attention and adulation that he has been raking from one and all. The heart throb now feels that it is pay-back time as he is keeping his word of coming to everybody’s homes.

Now Salman will be seen in Sony's music reality show Waar Parriwar on Wednesday, June 18 at 8.00 pm. He had a whale of a time and was seen dancing and interacting with the contestants and also encouraging them to give their best performance. The families were thrilled to see Salman and had a great time quizzing him in a bid to get “10 crores of good wishes and luck” back from him.

Salman surprised everyone with his act and even signed an autograph for young Rishabh Chaturvedi on his chest… reason being the little boy didn't have any paper!

All in all, Salman's presence was a treat for the Waar Parriwar families. He wished all the top 7 Waar Parriwar families luck and told them to keep the audiences entertained with their powerhouse performances.


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kiti_g 12 years ago Oh well i suppose the show desperately needs betters TRPs!
wackysharu 12 years ago salluuuuu looks sooo cute......
Dabulls23 12 years ago Now why is Salman needed on WP????? His body is not needed on musical show. Although he does sing alright :)

OK OK OK here I run b4 all sallu fans come and kill me :P
Vandu4ever 12 years ago coooool
I dont watch WaarPariwaar.. but wont miss my hubby's episode
raym 12 years ago i love u soooooooooooooooo much salman... muaah
saanch_69 12 years ago I jus found out that he wud be appearing on that show, but didn't know wen? Thanx for now I know [:)]

I just can't even a day to see him lyk that, I love him soooooooooo much
malagheband 12 years ago salman is the best my whole family loves him a lot even my 4 years old son he says prem is here he is so honest and loving person god bless him always
sallu_lover 12 years ago yayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee my sallu cant wait to see him thanks for sharing it
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