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Sakshi to be held responsible for Monty's runaway on 'Kalash - Ek Vishwaas'

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Published: Monday,Nov 23, 2015 17:28 PM GMT-07:00
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We earlier reported about Monty (Kohposh Sapru) running away from wedding and Saket (Mahesh Shetty) informing the family members about the same on 'Kalash - Ek Vishwaas' on Life OK

Now the show will witness a high end drama, where people in the family will resort to blaming no one but Sakshi (Donal Bisht) responsible for Monty's runaway stunt. 

Already tensed and worried about her marriage turning down, Sakshi will feel betrayed.

A source informs, "The viewers are already witnessing Saket trying to create a rift between Ravi (Krip Suri) and Devika (Aparna Dixit) by flirting with Devika. While Monty showed his interest towards Pallavi, he did not leave a chance to flirt with the latter too. While he will continue adding fuel to the fire in the case of Sakshi being held responsible, Aparna will come to Sakshi's rescue and will justify that she is not responsible for Monty running away from marriage and that everyone should sympathize with her instead of accusing her."

Stay tuned for more updates!

Shachi Tapiawala Rathod

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LordRiddler @LordRiddler 7 years ago Message to the post creator.. Monty IS NOT played by Kohposh Sapru.. Addy IS instead played by him. Sorry but the mistake just bugs me.. thought I would just mention it for future reference
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MadhuriDixit @MadhuriDixit 10 years ago @hope20. you have to carry on with life when a loved one passes. theres no point in wasting precious time by sitting at home and sulking. once u have cried ur tears, it is best to keep ur life active and full. it doesnt mean she has forgotten the passing of her daughter
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hope @gothope 10 years ago No offense to anyone but her daughter just committed suicide last month and she is already going back to work. I understand that she is spending time with family but still. I am sorry to say this but now I can understand why your daughter would have felt so lonely. AGAIN no offense to anyone this is just my personal opinion
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simran1285 @simran1285 10 years ago That's very nice! A break is well deserved especially after the way she lost her daughter. God Bless
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greatsaleen @greatsaleen 10 years ago Can't wait! & Asha ji is rocking in Sur Ksethra
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NSohi13 @NSohi13 10 years ago Oh wow that's great ... Thank you Asha g.. I like ur shabads in the Movie Nanak Naam Jahaz hai... Specialy that one ... Mere Sahib mere Sahib tu main Maan nimaani...
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