Saif and Kareena bowled over in Paanchvi Pass

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor are the special guests on Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass Se Tez Hai this weekend. Catch exclusive pictures of the couple on Telly Buzz as they go thru' the mock rehearsals.

Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan are Shahrukh's special guests in his Paanchvi Class this week. The couple was quite nervous about answering the exam. In fact, they were nervous even in the mock rehearsals. the mock rehearsals are usually conducted by Shahrukh to explain the rules and regulations to the celebrities, so that they get familiar with the format of the game.

Both Saif and Kareena were completely bowled over when the questions were put forth to them in the mock rehearsal.

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Saif Ali Khan

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Kareena Kapoor

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Rumour has it Kareena is pregnant with Saif's third child.

14 years ago

no srk. dont dont that, than theirs no differnece betwee u and all the kissing boys of bollywood

15 years ago

well i dnt want to see him kissing coz this kissing scene make everything wierd i mean we all love to see movies together n bold scene in between will make it stupid u knw wat i mean?

16 years ago

Good question!!!(at the end) hmmmm..eager to see the lucky lady in the role

16 years ago

lol okay this is awkward. lol. I think SRK does an excellent job in pulling off the romantic scenes, they are 10 times better than the kissing scenes in other movies that are to add to the romance. I'd rather not see him smooching some actress on the screen, and esp considering he's married with kids and And of course, it would be def awkward watching a real nice SRK movie with my parents at a theater, and then all of a sudden he's french kissing the actress. yea. idk if i want that to happen. lol.

16 years ago

NO way...I do not want to see SRK kissing in his movies bcuz then I wont be able to watch movies with my family...we are able to watch only SRK's movie together

16 years ago

Saif is soo freakin smart.
he freakin answered every question and got em right.
he could've won the 5 crores if the stupid bell didnt rung.

im so PROUD of u SAIF!

15 years ago

ahhhhhhhh looks goooddd i cant wait for the episode to airrr

15 years ago

Awesome!!!i luv saif n kareena 2gether....

15 years ago


I don't know how can they be a couple !..
Saif looks so kind of reserved and she talkative..

No wonder the saying goes..
opposites attract...

15 years ago

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