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#SahiHai: Arjun and Maya Completely Give In to DARKNESS and it's SPINE-CHILLING!

This scene is so brilliant, it gives us goosebumps...

While we've been gushing over Jennifer Winget's performance as Maya on Beyhadh, we have marvelled at how deep the show digs into the representation of an obsessive lover. This time around we were awed by Kushal Tandon's performance too! In the most recent episode, we saw a scene that speaks of the culmination of months of a fabulous play on human emotions.

The Scene
The scene is set with Maya bringing out alcohol, she talks about them being inherently attached in a rather ominous manner. All this while Arjun is sizing Maya up and he isn't taking the situation lightly. The guy is finally acting out as he blames his wife for all the grievances in his life while she looks pretty unapologetic.

There's a bunch of pushing and pulling and Maya doesn't even bat an eyelash at his threatening advances as she enjoys every bit of his rage in an almost masochistic way. Maya finds an apt trigger as she talks of killing Vandana which is followed by a wave of memories of his mother and his turmoil is clearly visible on his face.

He slaps her and goes onto strangle her as Maya eggs him on to kill her and kill himself along with her. In a fit of anger, he slams her into a nearby glass table.

Her face cringes in pain as the realization of her wound hits her. At the same time, we see blood dripping and a focus on the sounds of the blood staining the floor, and the rest is silence.

The scene ends with the screen going dark as Maya shuts her eyes.

What we liked
Arjun's expressions are so real, we can almost sympathize with his soul. He is conflicted and his actions show he has unattached himself from the dread of any consequences as he openly threatens the murderer of his mother. He cannot conceal his bleak resolve and it comes across beautifully.
Maya beautifully shows her mental state of complete abandon as he doesn't mind death itself if her beloved wishes it. She makes it even clearer as she does nothing to counter Arjun's moves. We loved her portrayal of a near death condition when she bleeds and finally goes into the darkness.

Did you love this scene?


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anjaanichudi 3 years ago Jennifer Winget u rock n rule as always.
Sparka 3 years ago Jennifer Winget is the best actress
Love you Soo Much
leavesandwaves 3 years ago No, I got bored with Jennifer's monotonous acting. She looked like sex hungry despo dancing on corpses. She is totally disgusting and I am not going to watch any of her shows if she is in a positive role. Let her continue with negative roles in thrillers. She has burnt her boats.
jasmeet92 3 years ago Jennifer u r really a TV Queen . You just nailed your role very perfectly ... :)
I_LoveYou_Kanha 3 years ago fabulous acting and dialogue delivery by Jennifer in this episode...she rocks as Maya!!
anjaanichudi 3 years ago You are fabulous at what you do Jennifer Winget...
quirkygirl 3 years ago Jennifer winget was fabulous in every second of the scence..Not once i felt she was overdoing or below par in any of the scenes..
love u so much my cutie pie
anjaanichudi 3 years ago Other than Rajesh Khattar, Jennifer Winget n Piyush Sahdev, thr is a lot to be desired from d other actors of d show, but donno why IF praises dm to d sky.
ajay227 3 years ago Jenny killed it again!!!She is the best actress on TV...Loved the way she portrays Maya...
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