Safari Ride: Bollywood Actors Turn Into Animals!

Your favorite Bollywood Actors have over nite turned into animals. Who has turned into what - read on to find out more...

Safari Ride: Bollywood Actors Turn Into Animals!

Animals are cute, adorable, sweet, cuddly and known as man’s best companions. Today we take you into a unique world where we compare your favorite Bollywood stars to various animals. So is the actor you have a crush on similar to a dog? Horse? Camel? What about crocodiles? Just kidding! So what are you waiting for, lets start the Safari Ride!

Shahrukh Khan- The Powerful Lion

Shah Rukh Khan also known as King Khan is the lion of the Jungle. Having survived in the Film Industry for 15+ years, Shahrukh is a focused, courageous, and talented actor.
Hardly anyone to this day can match Shahrukh 's charm and willpower and though the industry may have many actors, the reigning “Badshah” continues to be the one and only Shah Rukh Khan.

Ranbir Kapoor- The Cute Puppy

Ranbir Kapoor, just one film old, already has girls drooling over him as audiences are finding him to be adorable and cute. His upcoming film Bachna Ae Haseeno is already creating waves as audiences eagerly await to see what Ranbir has to offer after Saawariya. Whether it’s the young girls of today or the older ladies, women just can’t get enough of Ranbir! Isn’t he just choooo cute?

Amir Khan- The Cunning Fox

Cunning, smart and shrewd – Amir Khan the perfectionist knows exactly what he wants! Known for his intelligence and keen eye, Amir is someone who sets his goal and works hard towards achieving it. From his own films like Taare Zameen Par to his nephew’s Jaane Tu Yaan Jaane Na Amir proves to be a smart decision maker associating himself with the best of work!

Akshay Kumar- The Hardworking Tortoise

“Slow and steady wins the race” has to be the motto for Akshay Kumar who is our hardworking tortoise. Having been in the industry for more than two decades, Akshay has gone through many lows to reach the highs of today. Though initially in his career he had given many flops, last year Akshay Kumar gave four blockbuster hits and this year Singh is Kinng is touted to be one of the biggest blockbusters. In fact this man has even made pagdis trendier! Now that’s quite a hardworking tortoise ain’t he?

Shahid Kapoor- The Adorable Rabbit

Shahid Kapoor – the heartthrob of millions is famous for his fast moves and skillful dancing and acting. Like rabbits he is adored by many and audiences loved his recent films Jab We Met and Kismat Konnection. Women of all ages find him cute and would love to give him a cuddly hug!

Hrithik Roshan – The Enormously Talented Elephant

Hrithik Roshan may not be huge in size like elephants as women just can’t get enough of his well toned body but his talent definitely matches the size of an elephant. From Koi Mil Gaya to Krish to the recent Dhoom 2 and Jodha Akbar, Hrithik just knows how to leave people in awe with is amazing acting abilities. And then how can we not compare him to elephants when we saw him fighting with one in Jodha Akbar?

Salman Khan – The Angry Tiger

An immensely talented and powerful personality in the Bollywood Industry, Salman is also famous for his anger. With his recent brawls with Shah Rukh Khan, we just can’t stop ourselves from thinking about any angry tiger while taking Salman’s name.

Abhishek Bachchan – The Tall Camel

Abhishek’s towering personality and amazing height has to remind you of a camel. Plus in his next movie Drona he’s seen in deserts, which are the lands of camels who fight it out amongst the toughest weather and storms. Similarly Abhishek is one actor who with the “Bachchan” name has had to meet enormous expectations and seen many lows in his career. In the first promos of Drona, Abhishek is camouflaged so well in the desert that we have to say Abhi you remind us of the sturdy camels walking through the scorching heat but never giving up!

And now that’s it from the Bolly Curry team this time but we’ll be back soon with another journey through the Safari Jungle but instead with your favorite Indian Film Actresses. Incase you have a favorite actress who you would like to see as a part of our tour, then be sure to let us know! And don't forget to provide us feedback so that we can bring you another entertaining Safari Ride!

Courtesy: Bolly Curry

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