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Sadhana and Ragini to drift apart in Bidaai?

According to inside sources, Star Plus' Bidaai is gearing up for a rift between the two sisters, Sadhana and Ragini...

Published: Thursday,Oct 15, 2009 17:45 PM GMT-06:00
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All seems to be hunky-dory in the Rajvansh family with Alekh (Angad Hasija) finally on the road to recovery in Star Plus and Rajan Shahi's Sapna Babul Ka.. Bidaai!! However, the presence of Dadi Bua (played by veteran actress Sulekshna Khetri) in the family, provides enough food for thought on relationships going astray in the near future.

Sadhana and Ragini to drift apart in Bidaai?
According to our source, "Viewers by now know very well that Dadi Bua dislikes Vasundhara Rajvansh (Seema Kapoor) simply for the fact that she feels that she has erred many a times by putting down her own sister Ambika Rajvansh (Natasha Rana) in the past. She believes that Vasundhara is solely responsible for Ambika feeling left out. With Dadi Bua returning to the house, things will take a new turn with bitterness developing in few relationships". 

Elaborating on the future track, our source informs us, "Dadi Bua will start showing a biased behavior and will side one of the sons of Vasundhara, which will ultimately pave the way for a rift between the sisters, Sadhana and Ragini".

Alekh's transformation which is one of the biggest high points in the show will be one of the reasons for a major show down in the family. "Dadi Bua will openly side Ranveer and Ragini, thus putting down Alekh and Sadhana. The old lady will come to know that Ranveer had a major hand in getting her back to the house, and it was Vasundhara and Sadhana who were not favorable for it. Dadi Bua will get a feeling that Sadhana is just a replica of what Vasundhara has been over the years, and she starts brainwashing Ragini against her sister", informs our source.

The manner in which the entire drama unfolds and the family of the Rajvansh's will get split owing to varying opinions and mind sets will be the major crux of the story in the coming weeks and months..

We tried calling actress Sulekshna Khetri who essays the role of Dadi Bua, but she remained unavailable.

Well, with history repeating itself, it looks as though the curse thrown at the Rajvansh's by Ambika has indeed taken it course..

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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kareena4eva @kareena4eva 14 years ago please dont do this i will cry if this happens and cani just say something those people who think that this should happen like people saying its an old story just SHUT UP we do not wnt this stupid childish behaviour they just want ur opinion of hw u would feel we dont need stupid comments JUST STOP IT its gettin on my nerves
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chahat4u @chahat4u 14 years ago plzzz end this shw gracefully and on a good note, rather than spoiling it by showing some stupid tracks like these, just for d cause of extending it. ITS BETTER TO END IT ON TIME ON A POSITIVE NOTE.
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Mahum talpur @Crazy_94 14 years ago grt! good going...lets enjoy dis full on entertainment
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MANJINDERKAUR @MANJINDERKAUR 14 years ago acc. to me choti maa did wrong and if the curse which was given by ambika to the Rajvansh's will become true then no need to do good things because culprit ka sharap (curse)kaise kisi ko lag sakta hai phir to serial ki buniyad galat ho jayegi.
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nanamigha @nanamigha 14 years ago it can be sad story for sisters
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Mahum talpur @Crazy_94 14 years ago @deeya12;u r taking it wrong now dadi buwa will change ragini's mind n ragini will go against sadhna,now rift bitterness btw 2 so called deeply in love sisters.well dey deserve it!
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deeya12 @deeya12 14 years ago why do people think that ragini is gonna change. there is no where in the article it has written that ragini is going to be negative. so guys chill, i am sure we are going to see how these two sisters love will change dadi bua's mind set.
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shivanibharti.2008 @shivanibharti.2008 14 years ago i hate dadi bua throw her out of the show that old ladynot alwaysss dark ppl r wrong so they should not do like dis otherwise ppl would not like the show
dat rajanshahi is a bull
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downandout @downandout 14 years ago LOL
This has to be the most retarded idea ever.
And considering that this show is on the 'colour issue', showing Choti Ma a murderer, Kaushi as the extremely selfish, only Ragini is left.
Now if they show that Ragini misunderstands Sadhna, it will look like dark people are always wrong.
And Sadhna will continue to suffer
God Save us.
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Bushra Javeria @PrincessBushi 14 years ago oohhh...poor sisterz... hate dadi bua..!! da fighter!
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