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Sacrifices that come with being famous!

BollyCurry guides you through various sacrifices and negatives that celebrities go through in the film fraternity.

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"All that glitters isn't always gold". This phrase fits quite well with our film fraternity considering that the glamorous world is not all fun and games as portrayed on-screen. For most people, the film industry is the most glamorous profession to be in; you have fame, fortune, millions of fans and a page 3 scope of every newspaper and magazine. If this wasn't enough, you have various handsome co-stars alongside you, which lead to blockbuster movies to your credit. However, there is a flip-side to this glamorous world; although you achieve a lot with your stardom status, you have to sacrifice equally as much in order to to make it there. Let's not forget that once you get to that top position, it's even harder to maintain it. With this article, BollyCurry guides you through various sacrifices and negatives that celebrities go through in the film fraternity.

Lack of privacy
One of the biggest sacrifices that celebrities have to make is to give up personal space and any rights to a private life. As an actor or a public person, you have limited to no privacy left wherever you go and you literally live in the public eye. Anything you say or do is fair game for being taken out of context and twisted to provide entertainment for the masses. Being a person with recognition, you are constantly surrounded by paparazzi, reporters and media watching your every step and waiting for the newest gossip tid-bit. Some of the most recent couples to fall prey to the unyielding paparazzi are Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif. The media is constantly keeping a close eye on them making the duo always in the news headlines, be it their 'so-called' wedding preparations or their secret holiday in Spain. This proves that having a personal life and being a celebrity do not go hand in hand.

Reduced personal life
As a celebrity, you have to set your priorities right and it is understood that everything related to the film fraternity has to be your number one priority. As an actor, there are numerous stages of work that come with each project. First is the actual acting in the movie, then comes promotions at various stages, and finally the screening of the said movie. All of these consume a fair amount of time leaving the actor with very little additional time to spare. On top of the work, celebrities also need to focus on maintaining their social images and focus on things such as magazine photo-shoots, parties and events. Furthermore, they constantly have to work on their physique and take care of their appearances whenever they step out. As expected, this leaves very little time to give to your family and friends, or any particular hobby at all. Not many people can handle reduced attention from their loved ones, so in the process of being a reputed movie star, you may lose out on various personal relationships.

Loosing your original identity 
Being a celebrity is not easy, especially when making a name for yourself amongst the previous established superstars. To achieve success and fame, some actors feel compelled to adapt a completely new name, one that then becomes their identity for the rest of their life. In the process, it is said that you lose a part of your original self and have no choice but to adapt to the beliefs and cultures of the film fraternity. Many famous celebrities are prime examples of the name change game. Megastars such as Amitabh Bachchan, Madhubala, Rekha, Rajnikant, Akshay Kumar, Govinda and Sanjeev Kumar are among those who have 'been there and done that'. Furthermore, once you have reached heights of success, you cannot go back to being "normal". For instance, having a cup of coffee with a friend at your favorite cafe without being mobbed by fans.

Film politics
One you achieve fame, you have to be wise with the words you use. As a public icon, you are constantly under scrutiny leading to something always being written about you, whether it's true or not. Being completely honest is something you have to avoid at times, considering how long you want to survive in the race to the top. Therefore, articulating your sentences with hidden answers becomes an art. Although there are no guarantees that being diplomatic will help avoid the media stare, there is the possibility that knowing what to say at the right time will leave you less of a target. One example is the recent tragic news of Hrithik Roshan and Suzanne Roshan's breakup. Speculations have been making rounds for quite some time now, but both refrained from making their split a public issue despite various attempts by the media to let the cat out of the bag. Living such a life everyday can be very stressful. It's not everyone's cup of tea.

Missed opportunities
There is a saying that goes: "Kabhi kisi ko muqammal jahan nahi milta, kahi zameen toh kabhi aasmaan nahi milta" (nobody ever gets a perfect world, some don't get their fair share on earth, and some in the sky). This is perhaps the most accurate quote if we look at a struggling celebrity's life; on your way to success, you will miss out on many other opportunities. For example, if you start your career at a young age, you will miss out on some great memories with your friends and family due to being completely absorbed in climbing the ladder of success. This can later result in loneliness and regret, despite having the whole world praise your name. A celeb is often asked "if not acting, then what other profession would you have been in?". Their answers are cheery enough but you can't help but deduct a feeling of longing and melancholy. The question of "what if?" is a dangerous one.

Obssesed fans
One of the more disturbing aspects of the glamour world are obsessive fans. When you are a (inter)national figure, you become a role model for millions of people who adore and love you. Although a majority of the fans will show you their love from a distant and understand that you also are a regular human being, you will encounter fans who are prepared to go to any lengths to prove their affection for their idol. Such fans can also be a threat and ultimately dangerous. Death threats and stalking is quite common when it comes to certain types of fans. Although there are bodyguards and tight security arrangements for a celebrity, there's always a slight fear when coming across a compulsive fan.

Life as a famous person has its fair share of pros and cons. Yes, you get to shine on the silver screen, but you have to pay the price of getting there. A celebrity's life is full of sacrifices; some which lead to great achievements, whilst others result in loosing out on some equally good opportunities.

BollyCurry signs off here, leaving you with your thoughts. Tell us about your dreams - have you ever dreamt of becoming a celebrity? After reading this article, do you still aspire to be it?

Author: Fatima W.
Editor(s): Sonia R., Gunia M. and Jenifer Y.
Graphics: Amna M.

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