Sachin Shroff deals with the worst!!

Sachin Shroff, the protagonist in Naaginn got a scare on the first day of his shoot, seeing the real snakes. What's more, he had to put up a good show by allowing a real snake to hover all over his body..

Well it would be not wrong to say this, when one has to constantly deal with snakes while shooting, would it.? Not that he is complaining, but being a part of the show like Naagin on Zee, Sachin Shroff, who is also seen in Har Ghar Kuch Kehta Hain, was although in for a shock on the first day of his shoot for Naagin. Sachin who easily assumed that the shots were going to be taken with fake snakes was almost horrified when he learnt that they wanted to use real snakes. Additionally the shot required the snakes to roll all over his body. Mustering all his confidence and keeping a brave face, Sachin pulled it off.

But now Sachin is glad to have been able to do it, as he claims to have overcome the fear of snakes as well.

"It was horrifying, but I think I am ok with them now. I realized like human beings, even their first impulse is to defend themselves. And unless provoked, they don't attack or harm." Says Sachin.

Well aren't we impressed now?!

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Sachin Shroff

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wow im proud of him.. lolz if it was me i'd be like OMG i quit!!!

15 years ago

It can be scary to deal with snames but I'm glad he pulled it off

15 years ago

wow.... that is scary, I could never do that. Hats off to Sachin for committing to it and overcoming his fear!

15 years ago

Wow!!!!!...I held my breath while reading this did sachin dare to do this?...he's really brave!

15 years ago

Siddhi_ Thumbnail



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15 years ago

he luks hot in that pic!
bravo sachin!!!

15 years ago

Wow, grt work Sachin! He's always been a cutie, I loved him in Sinndoor!

Bit I think these ppl r playing with the actor's life, if not fake snakes, they shud atleast use snakes who poison is taken away.

15 years ago

i sure am. sachin is such a dedicated actor! it's surprising he didn't throw a fit when asked to shoot with real snakes. way to go sachin!

15 years ago

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