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Saat Phere completes 700 episodes...

Zee's popular show Saat Phere completes 700 episodes and to celebrate the gala occasion, a bash was thrown by Sphere Origin at a suburban club last night...


Zee TV’s Saat Phere recently completed 700 episodes. To commemorate this great occasion, Producer Sunjoy Wadhwa of Sphere Origin threw a party at a suburban club last night. All the major stars of the hit show were present including Rajshri Vaidya, Sharad Kelkar, Neena Gupta, Aanchal Dwivedi etc.

A very upbeat Sharad said, “The USP of Saat Phere is its story. We actors just follow the script. Talking about his character Nahar, he says he is very proud to be part of a show which does not have major replacements. Agreed characters come and go but the main cast always remains the same. He also does not feel that he does not have much to do! “The amount of fighting I have done on this show no major star must have done! If male TV stars normally have 20% of screen space, I am lucky to get 60%”, quips the actor.

Sharad goes on, “One of the main reasons for continuing with this show for so long is that I have so much different stuff to do, given the heroine has undergone some much changes herself, at times she becomes a mad girl and at other times she ends up as a village belle”.

But has the story not deviated from the original fair vs. dark girl syndrome? “Not really, some strands are still there. At times even now Saloni is attacked on the ground of her skin color”, states Sharad.

Aanchal Dwivedi says that Saloni is the life line of Saat Phere. My character Kaveri is the spice which any show needs. “I have no problems with the loud make-up. I love myself when I look into the mirror”, says Aanchal. Besides Saat Phere she is doing Santaan and Sahara One dance show, Saas vs Bahu. She would not mind trying a lighter character but not the good suffering bahu ! “The audiences won't accept me in that light yaar”, says she.

Seen along with the past and present cast of Saat Phere were Gavie Chehal, Arjun Bijlani, Anirrudh Dave, Smita Bansal, Bhairavi Raichura and Anoop Soni. Hat Off Producers, JD Majethia and Aatish Kapadia also turned up to wish Sunjoy on his achievement.

Reporter and Author: Anil Merani


Neena Gupta Anup Soni Arjun Bijlani Bhairavi Raichura Smita Bansal Sharad Kelkar

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Too_Much 12 years ago nudity is not the only thing which can make one have to learn acting too
ISano 12 years ago Gavie Chehal, Arjun Bijlani, Anirrudh Dave, Smita Bansal, Bhairavi Raichura and Anoop Soni

who r these people when did they came in the show.. i dotn even rmember any of them..
~*puja*~ 12 years ago Congrats to the entire team of Saat Phere!!
radhika_21 12 years ago congratz 2 the whole team of saath phere!
damilola 12 years ago This content is hidden.
burgerchaap 12 years ago Congrats guys,
i hope this show continues till 7000 episodes XD
umi82990 12 years ago Congrats!!

I hope the show keeps stong!
goldei 12 years ago congratulations on 700 episodes without any leap
gr8 job
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